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Mori Countdown

I intended this wannabe Mommy Blog to be launched at a later time, preferably when I finally give birth…

But as you can probably tell by now, patiently waiting is not my strong suit. As I type this, I am currently 9 months, 2 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

Every morning, the moment I open my eyes, I find myself staring at the ceiling and asking the Lord. “Jesus, is today the day?”

I would then rub my tummy and greet my daughter, good morning. I’d freshen up and give a deep sigh. This has been happening ever since I stepped the 9th month mark. I would drop everything I was doing as soon as my baby shows slight movements.

“Oh this might be a contraction!” I exclaim. It doesn’t matter whether I am with husband when this happens or I am alone. I say it out loud anyway, most of my teeth showing because my smile has reached both ears.

Unfortunately, it’s not a contraction. It’s just my baby doing her usual daily stretch. It’s funny though how I smile at the thought of contraction. I bet I wouldn’t even manage a slight smile when the “real contraction” hits me. I have a very low pain tolerance and honestly, the only thing that is keeping me going is the thought of Jesus not leaving my side.

I remember reading my Bible and seeing pain and anguish being associated with labor pain almost all the time. I would then start feeling queasy… The thought of questioning Jesus love for me is already at the tip of my tongue. Even if I am trying very hard not to ask God directly, I am sure Jesus knows that my heart is troubled.

“Oh dear God, if you truly love me, why do I have to experience the pain that goes hand in hand with labor.” There, I’ve said it. Those were the words I’ve been wanting to beg Jesus for an answer as I read from Genesis 3:16, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children.” Then Romans 8:22 goes “We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth.”

I’d then be disappointed with myself. How come I couldn’t figure out where Jesus is in all this? I find this question lingering in my head to be one of the hardest part of pregnancy.

Then God assures me once more through His word…

“You are precious and honored in my sight and… I love you.” Isaiah 43:4

This verse is not new to me. I hear this from church all the time but it never hit me as much as it did in this season of my life. I guess I never fully understood what God is trying to tell me.

The one, true and sovereign God. The creator of heaven and the earth knows me by name. The Lord calls me his.

“I have called you by name, Jennica. You are mine.” Isaiah 43

And as if this is not enough to ease my worries… God spoke to me through praise and worship. It was two Sunday’s ago. The worship team came back up to the stage and started playing… The lyrics from the song goes…

“When I’m lost in the darkness You’ll remain as my light. In the pain….. You will hold my hand tight….

I stopped singing along and tried to control my tears. My husband noticed this and held me closer to where he was standing. I rested my hands on my bulging tummy and thanked Jesus for blessing me with a loving husband and a child. I can’t believe that because of my fear of pain, I forgot about what I truly wanted ever since I was a little girl. Growing up without my father and mother by my side, all I really wanted to begin with is to have my own family. To be a homemaker… To be a mother and a wife who gives service and unconditional love to a hardworking husband. God made this dream a reality for me and yet there I was doubting his love.

The chorus of the song goes…

“Your love is here… Your mercy near… Your love is greater. Oh, love so deep… Your love is greater.”

As my husband sings while keeping me close, I caressed my tummy and closed my eyes. With a shaky voice, I sang along and something really amazing happened. My baby whom I haven’t even seen yet started moving in a soft and gentle manner. It’s as if she is dancing inside of me. The three of us are already worshiping Jesus when she hasn’t even come out yet. ❤

The peace that comes from the Lord alone rushed through my very soul.

The joy of being able to worship the Lord as a family. Ha! I will not exchange that for anything. ❤

When the service ended, my husband and I left church hand in hand with me telling him that when the big day comes that God decides it’s time for the both us to meet our child face to face…. When the pain gets really hard for me to handle, I ask that he reminds me of one thing… Yes, what I am experiencing is really painful….

“But God’s love for me is greater. “


32 thoughts on “Mori Countdown

  1. I cried a little when i read the praise and worship part! Sometimes, i feel that too. Si Lord talaga, galing magpaiyak (in a good way hehe). God bless you sa panganganak! I pray for your safe delivery! 💖🍼

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  2. So blessed reading your article. i am a mother of 2 now. Both normal delivery. Every pain is all worthied when you see your child. God is truly amazing and great. God bless you on your journey to motherhood… ☺️ Continue to be a blessing to everyone.

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  3. Nic! This is so inspiring. 🙂 Babies are God’s gift and blessing talaga. I am happy that you and Alwyn will have a mini you na soon. I am Sooper excited for you guys! 🙂
    – Fallon

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  4. Hi Jennica! I cried while reading this dun sa part na about being a mother and a wife to a hardworking husband. Sometimes kase nakakalimutan ko iappreciate yung mga ginagawa ng husband ko for me and nauuna ang emotions ko bilang medyo masungit ako nitong past few months..Dpat pla lagi ko maalala na binigay sakin ni Lord ung napakatyaga at hardworking na asawa.. I am now on my 7th month with my 2nd boy. And yes I still get anxious and worried because like you I have low tolerance sa pain, pero iniisip ko nalang na I made it through the 1st time because God helped me and I’m sure na He will help me again this time. I am thankful to Him everyday because He’s always with me to give me strength..I pray for you and your baby girl na safe kayo parehas on your BIG day!:)


  5. Hi mis jennica,
    Your blog always inspire me. I too is going to be mommy soon this July. I’m also experiencing the anxiety of labor n the pain associated with it but as you say in your blog “god is good, and do love us. Thank you again for the inspiration. Have a safe delivery!! 😀


  6. Sis!!!! Congrats on finally giving birth. I called last Saturday, but I think you were still resting. I hope to see you and More soon. Text me so I can go visit. Love you.


    • Thank you so much sis for keeping in touch! Now is not a good time because Mori and I are struggling with breastfeeding, but I am determined to do all things possible to make breastfeeding a wonderful experience for the both of us. I’ll send you a message once we’re already settled. Kiss Zion for me!

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      • Aww. I’m sure God will help you go through it as smooth as possible. Don’t worry, everything will be better soon. I am sure you’ll do great, because God is with you. 🙂 Yes, I’m looking forward to that sis, I really am. Hugs kisses to you and Mori. Zion said, “I love you Ninang and Mowi” he can’t pronounce R kasi hahahaha. Love you sis!


      • I’m always dropping by ate hahaha =D
        Nung nalaman kong nanganak ka na, everyday iniisip ko “May picture na kaya? Sana may picture na” *opens Instagram* “Ayy? Wala pa =(” then Ms. Jean posted half of her face and I was all “OMYGOSH! SO CUTE!!!” kahit di naman kita yung buong face haha XD Continue being Healthy Baby Mori and ate Nic =)


  7. After reading your blog, i became a fan of yours right away. it’s amazing how you & your hubby love and worship our GOD. and i feel you. i’m also a first time mom to a cute little fairy i called Winter ^__^ congratulations on your newborn baby. please take extra care not just your baby’s health but yours as well. i hope you gave birth via NSD for you not to suffer the pain of CS. when my child is born, she became the instant universe of my life. i’m so inlove with this job, being a mum. you’re such an inspiration to everyone. Congratulations Jennica!

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    • Hello Jennifer! Thank you for the kind words and for wishing me and my baby well. I wish the same for you and your daughter Winter. How young is she? I like the name that you chose for her! 🙂


  8. Since the day you gave birth, I check your blog countless times to check if you already posted something. Nakaabang din ako sa IG mo, kay Alwyn, including your mother Ma’am Jean Garcia and your friend Ynna Assistio. Sorry at super excited lang sa baby! May God bless your family and keep you and your little bundle of joy healthy always!

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    • It’s so sweet of you Berna! Thank you for making me smile. 🙂 I am working on another blog entry for days now but I can’t seem to finish writing it because something Mori related always gets in the way (diaper change, breastfeeding etc) Hopefully, I’ll get to understand Mori’s cues sooner so I’d be able to write more and have time for other things. God bless you Berna and thank you again!


  9. Hi jennica,

    I came across your Ig account and learned from there that you are blogging. I made time to visit your site because of your inspiring words about God. Like you, God used the not so pleasant events in my life to call me and make me know Him more. Im blessed and humbled to be used by my Savior to inspire others and help save souls.

    I hope we can be good friends because you are an inspiration. As a new Christian it would be great to meet amd keep in touch with a sister in Christ.

    God bless you and your family


  10. You are a blessing miss jenica! gusto ko lang ng tip.. panu mo napapagsabay ang pag aalaga kay mori at mga gawaing bahay without yaya? parang ang hirap.. galing kasi ako jan..walang yaya..halos hapon na akonnkakaligo..nalilipasan ng gutom..at d mkapag suklay! haha.tip naman 🙂

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    • Hello Jez! Nagsusulat na ako tungkol sa Baby Led Weaning pero dahil sa tanong mo, go! Tungkol sa pagiging stay at home wife na lang muna ang uunahin ko. Come back next week if you can to read all about it. Thank you for asking! 🙂


  11. Thank you for sharing your mommy’s journey..it will help for breastfeeding mommy like me.. The Bible story with mori, encourage me to buy with my little Liam.. hope i could afford also baby carrier for my baby.That was i’m planning to invest.., … GodBless

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    • Hello Liza! Are you already a member of Babywearing Philippines? Sometimes they sell second hand carriers that are in excellent condition. You might want to check that out. Mababait pa sila dun. 🙂


      • Thanks for recommend .. yes member na po ako dun.. hopefully you continous sharing your experienced for being a home wife mommy…marami kase nakakarelate.. like me. Sayang hindi kami naka attend ng baby ko sa seminar ng TamangKain ..(hopefully this coming month magkaroon ulet) … makapag thank you sana ako sayo ng personal… Thank you and Godbless sa inyo ni baby Mori..😊


  12. Hi, how do you manage using cloth while outside the house?

    How soon would you like to have your baby number 2? :’)


  13. Hello Jenica! Your blog is really helpful and inspiring. Can you refer me to your lactation consultant? I’m having struggle in breastfeeding my 4 day old baby boy because I have inverted nipples. My baby is getting really upset and impatient because he cannot properly latch on my flat nippies. Your response is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance and God bless you more!




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