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Newborn Essentials + Breastfeeding Tips


Photo was taken by husband after a month of giving birth.

I don’t know about you but when I was pregnant, I was overwhelmed with all the items for babies that are available in the market. Some will make your life a whole lot easier but most are unnecessary and a waste of your hard earned money. Because of this, I decided to narrow them down with what I personally find most essential, so if you’re a first time parent like me or you just simply need a refresher, I hope you’ll find this useful.



Back when Mori is still a newborn, family members who came over for a visit was surprised to see that her cabinet is our bedside table with two small drawers.

Because my husband and I were blessed with a girl, I guess they were expecting to see a bigger cabinet with lots of frilly dresses and a tutu to boot. Don’t get me wrong, those are pretty great but unfortunately, organic clothes for babies are not that popular in Manila so my choices are very limited.

Snap Tops and Onesies – Changing Mori’s outfit is a breeze when it’s this kind that we use. With tie sides, lumungad na si Mori, umiyak, umubo ubo,  sinabunutan na rin niya ang sarili niya sa bwisit niya sa bagal ko lahat lahat na di pa ko tapos mag ribbonKalurkey.

Footie Pajamas – I think both Mori and I feel the same when it comes to her footie pajamas. She likes it because it keeps her feet from turning blue from the cold, while I find myself reaching for it first because it saves time. No need to put on a pair of booties because her feet is already covered and secondly, no more constant checking on my part if her booties are still on or if it’s on the floor for the nth time!

Mittens – I am deeply inlove with GuavaMitts mittens. They don’t fall off like the rest of the mittens that Mori owns.

Booties & Socks – Socks works better for newborns because it stays in place.

Bonnets – There are days wherein Mori couldn’t tolerate them but it’s nice to have especially since newborns gets cold quickly. Also, baby bonnets and hats doesn’t seem to stay on the head well so choosing a hat with ties that you could ribbon under his chin would be great compared to the regular ones.

Hamper – Any storage bin that could hold worn clothes would work great. Ours is just a simple pail.


As we welcome my birth month, my husband asked me what I was most excited about. My answer was: “Seeing Mori with my own eyes and cloth diapering!” Being a first time parent, I wasn’t sure of many things that is related to motherhood but I was sure of two things even before my baby arrived…

My body is capable of breastfeeding because God designed me for it and that I have enough lampin to use as Mori’s diaper. 😛

Making your baby wear cloth diapers has a lot of benefits. Both for your baby and the environment. I’d love to enumerate them all but I have a feeling Mori would like to be held sooner than expected so I’ll just give you the only reason that made me decide to use cloth instead of disposable diapers… Are you ready? “Mori will be more comfortable in it.” Yes sissy, it’s that plain and simple.

Right after giving birth, I was given disposable adult diaper to wear and boy was I glad that I came to the hospital prepared with all the lampin that Mori needs for the coming days! Wearing adult diapers is uncomfortable, hot and itchy. Imagine ladies, we wear a napkin all the days of our lives even if we don’t have our period. Hassle right? The feeling down there wouldn’t be as comfortable as wearing freshly laundered, sun dried cotton panties! So why would we use disposable diapers when we can just use cloth?

Prefolds/Flats/Lampin – I have 24 in total because I knew Mori would wet her lampin every hour. You’ll need more if you don’t do the laundry everyday.

Snappi/Diaper Clip/Boingo- You’ll need this to close your lampin in place.

Fitteds – There are diapers that are called PUL covers. Some use them so that when the baby wets her diaper, it will not leak because a PUL cover is made of plastic. Plastic = No Leakage. This might be great for some but since I do not like using plastic and prefer natural fibers, I don’t use PUL covers and opted for a fitted diaper. Yes, it might leak a little because it’s construction is entirely made of cotton but it doesn’t bother me and I’ve discovered a method to make it leak free for a few hours! Mori’s fitted diapers are from US or Germany. The only fitted diaper that we own that’s available locally is Fluffypwets. It was given to me as a gift before Mori was born. The owner’s name is Tina and she’s very nice so if you have more questions on cloth diapering I’m sure she’ll be more than welcome to help you out. Also, I am planning to sell fitted diapers too! Everything I need to make the fitted diaper is already here in my home. It’s just impossible to sew them all by hand with a baby in tow because we don’t have a helper at home. Once I am done sewing everything, the diapers will only be 12 in total so if you want to get one for your baby, you may get a reservation by emailing me at dearcatlady@yahoo.com.

Cotton – You’ll need lots of these!

Wash Cloths – You can opt in using this instead of cotton to save more money.

Mason Jars – I have two jars for Mori. One is filled with clean water. I dip the cotton that I use to clean Mori’s bum while the other one is where the used cotton go!

Wet Bag – An essential when travelling with cloth. We use cloth diapers exclusively so it is necessary for us to have one around when we are not at home.

Baby-friendly Detergent – I personally like Messy Bessy Baby and the Regular Messy Bessy Laundry Detergent in Lavender.

P.S. Fabric softener and bleach will ruin your diapers. Here’s my laundry routine.

  1. Put soiled diapers in the hamper.
  2. The following day I handwash them (pre-wash to remove urine).
  3. I then put a handful of Messy Bessy Liquid detergent in the pail with an ample amount of water. I soak them for 30minutes if time permits but if not, I don’t stress and just scrub away.
  4. I rinse the diapers 3-4 times with the water continuously running.
  5. I tumble dry my newly laundered nappies then hang everything where the sun would shine to disinfect, naturally remove stain and dry some more.


Crib – If you’re going to buy one. Pick a co-sleeping crib. Arm’s Reach is a great brand.

Sleeping Bag – One of my most favorite items. I also noticed that Mori sleeps better when she’s on it. My chosen brand is Natura Pura because it’s made of organic cotton velour. The fabric used makes baby more huggable than they already are. ❤

Swaddle Blanket- I use this as Mori’s bed sheet/mattress because she sleeps with me and my husband on the bed. I was given a co-sleeping crib as a gift but since our bedroom is small, having it attached to our bed accumulates too much space.

Wool Mattress Topper – I opted for wool because the plastic ones that’s available in most baby stores contain flame retardants and I don’t like those near my baby as much as possible.

I don’t have following but they’d make a good addition to our bedroom and yours:

Bed Rail – I really like the one from Safety First. The beige one would look perfect on our room. *daydreams*

Baby Monitor – If your baby is like mine, no nanny. This will be a big help. If you have chores to do as soon as your baby is sleeping, just switch it on and go on with your cleaning. cooking etc. As soon as it signals movement or you hear baby crying, run to the room!


Play Mat – The decent ones that’s waterproof are surprisingly expensive! Some would go as high as 6,995php. If you are on a tight budget, you can just use rugs or a thin bed cushion on the floor. Alwyn and I decided to invest on one of the expensive ones though because I wanted a mat that is waterproof so that Mori could play without diapers on to make her skin breath. Cleaning up is easier too if your mat is waterproof. We bought ours at The Parenting Emporium.

Bouncer – I chose Baby Bjorn over all the other bouncers available for the sole reason of it being organic and free from flame retardants. Also, I don’t have to wash my face and brush my teeth while carrying Mori on my left because I can just snap her onto the bouncer and freshen up without worrying and trying to do all things quickly because a.) Mori might fall from the bed. b.) Thoughts like, what is Mori trying to fit inside her mouth again this time. c.) She’s crying. She’s crying! Why is she crying? Runs to my baby with soap on my face and foam in my mouth from brushing my teeth.

Stuffed Animals –  Mori only owns two kinds because honestly, babies don’t need a lot! When she was still very small, we only used it as a decorative piece for safety purposes.

Rattle – Your baby will learn how to use this at around 4 months of age.

Baby’s First Bible – It’s never too early to start reading to your baby and what better book to start with but with a Bible! Jesus The Story Book Bible is recommended by our church pastors and mentors.

Activity Gym – I was supposed to buy one that’s made out of maple wood with organic toys hanging on them but my friend stopped me from doing so! Glad I listened because babies get bored with it after some time so if you have a friend who could lend you hers. The better.


Nursing Pillow – I no longer use mine because I can already breastfeed while cooking, walking and window shopping BUT every first time mothers who’s decided to breastfeed will find this really helpful. Also, I wasn’t born a ninja. Beastfeeding while doing other activities took practice. Lots of it. It was a learning process for me and my child.  If you encounter difficulty in breastfeeding, message me or leave a comment with your email address and I’d refer you to a really good International-Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Her name is Nurse Joyce Zaragoza-Martinez. She is a big part of my breastfeeding journey and frankly speaking, if not for her, I wouldn’t be happily breastfeeding Mori up to now.

Breast Pump – If you’re a stay at home mom who chooses to pump only when needed, you’ll get by with just a manual pump. Mine is from Medela and if I am not mistaken, the price won’t exceed 3,000php. If you plan on going back to work soon, Medela Freestyle is truly a good investment, I got to try it once and I was really happy with it. My friends whose still breastfeeding a toddler swears by it too. Best sellers wouldn’t be best sellers for no reason! Both breast pumps are available at The Parenting Emporium.

Nipple Shield – The product that made me continue breastfeeding without tears. Now don’t run to your phone and call your husband to go buy you one like what I did. There are different kinds and sizes. If you happen to get the wrong size it will still hurt and there is a proper way of using it. Just leave a comment with your email address so I could personally help you and introduce the people behind the success of my breastfeeding journey.

Nipple Cream – One of the advice that I failed to take seriously is: “Start applying nipple cream even before giving birth to prep your nipple for battle.”

Okay I may have rephrased the advice given to me, but trust me, with my breastfeeding experience, I’d rather be in labor again than experience the excruciating pain of sore nipples and having  a breast that’s as hard as sement.

So my dear reader, if you have a bun in your oven, apply nipple cream daily. Three times a day or more if you can! What I plan to do on my next preganancy (Yes, I like planning ahead) is apply nipple cream every time I go to the bathroom. Haha!

If you are currently breastfeeding with sore nipples, apply cream thinly. Instruction says you no longer need to wipe it off upon nursing but I suggest that you wipe it off anyway. I made a  mistake of applying it thickly, thinking that it would effect faster that way  but I was wrong and Mori had rashes on her chin because of it.

Breastmilk Storage Bag – Here’s a guide to keep your liquid gold from being spoiled.


 Photo credit to Medela

I don’t know what baby bottle to recommend since Mori hasn’t tried drinking from one yet because I directly feed her from my breast. When the time comes that I have to be away from Mori… Which I’ll make sure won’t happen unless she’s older than a year old! She’ll drink from a  glass cup. You can learn more about cup feeding by watching this: “Cup Feeding an Infant“.


Bath Time

Baby Bath Tub – Ours is called a Tummy Tub. I liked it when Mori was younger but now that she is 7 months old, I find it difficult to remove the soap on her underarms and inner thighs. You’ll know what I mean once you get to try it so my verdict, if you have extra cash to spare, buy it. If you’re on a tight budget. Don’t.

Just in case you’re wondering, I bathed Mori when she was already a week old. Most parents I know is very particular in making sure that they bath their baby only at daytime but on our part, I give a Mori a bath when it’s most convenient for the family, which is usually at night.

Recliner – Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a non plastic version of this but it made bathing and washing Mori’s bum a whole lot easier so I highly recommend that you get yourself one.

Bath Toiletries – I use a shampoo and body wash in one variant. You can get Jewel Tones for baby at Purple Cradle PH ,then for cleaning Mori’s hands and bum I use liquid castile soap.

Soft Hooded Towel – If you do the laundry everyday, you’ll get by with just two.

Bath Toys – The ones we have has holes on them. Water gets inside and when baby squeezes it, water comes out. Looks like a lot of fun for both parent and child but these kinds of toys produces molds overtime. Gross right? Here’s a photo to convince you:


              Photo credit: thecheesethief.com

We don’t have one that we’ll allow Mori to play with while bathing so I’ll just update this section when we get our hands on a decent one. When I say decent, I meant a bath toy that is sealed, made of the sap of natural hevea, the rubber tree and not made in China.

Digital Thermometer – my bestfriend during Mori’s first two months of life. I get easily paranoid because the doctor gave me a stern warning to check on her temperature especially during her first month. She’d be cold most of the time so we always do skin to skin to normalize her body temperature. I also used this to check the temperature of her bath water. You don’t need to buy the fancy one’s on baby stores! We bought ours at Mercury Drugs for less than 200php.



Baby Carrier – When your baby is just a month old. Carrying her in your arms is not an issue. Because you love your baby, especially when you’re a first time parent like me, you’ll think that she is light as a feather. When your baby is still a newborn… She’ll either be asleep, nursing or crying, only when her nappy is wet. However, in the coming months when growth spurts stikes (baby gets fussy, baby wants to be held AT ALL TIMES, baby wouldn’t sleep on her bed)… When baby starts teething, husband wouldn’t be able to lend you a hand at the moment and something as simple like gas in your baby’s tummy, you’ll believe me when I say that baby carriers are Godsend. I can’t remember the number of times our carrier has saved me from going crazy. We own two kinds, a Didymos organic wrap which is perfect for newborns and a Lenny Lamb which is a soft structured carrier. I get plenty of oooohh’s and aaahhh’s from mothers who already owns a soft structured carrier but from a different brand. They’d always comment about my Lenny Lamb’s softness compared to the one that they own. A friend of mine even said my carrier was fluffy! Good news for you, this carrier is now available locally and can be bought at Little Yeoh Trading.

Car Seat – Aside from safety purposes,  travels by car will no longer be as stressful once you get your baby to use her car seat. It can be a challenge to make her stay put for a few minutes but with patience, everything will be worth it.

Stroller – As much as I love using our baby carrier at home, when our family is out and about, I choose to put Mori in a stroller especially  now that she is getting heavier.

Diaper Bag – ours is from Cath Kidston. It comes with a pouch, portable changing mat and a bottle insulator.

Cleaning Agents

Multi-Purpose Cleaner – It’s ideal to pick a spray and wipe variant instead of the ones that you have to rinse with water. It’s more convenient and will save you time. We personally use home cleaning products from The Honest Company and Messy Bessy.

Hand Sanitzer – The smell of rubbing alcohol which is available in grocery stores makes me dizzy so when I discovered how heavenly the ones that Mommy Patch has to offer, I stuck with it. I’ve been using it for years now.

Liquid Castile Soap – exercise proper hand wasing especially now that you have a baby to kill bad bacteria and viruses that could make your family sick.

Baby Wipes – For those quick clean ups.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – I bought ours at Centura Pura but they are also available at The Parenting Emporium.

I don’ have the following but they’d make a good additon to our bedroom:

Air Purifier – There are a lot of brands out there but I heard that the cheaper ones doesn’t really do the job so I don’t know which one to get for our bedroom.


At Home Care Hair Treatment – I haven’t met a mom who didn’t have hair fall after giving birth. Mine started when Mori turned 3 months old. Downside is, it is so difficult to find a hair treatment that is not loaded with harmful chemicals! I like The French Pink Clay Hair Mask of Mommy Patch but it’s kind of hard to find. Not all Sesou branches have them in stock so if interested, try contacting Mommy Patch directly.

Menstrual Pads – You’ll be needing this for a few weeks after giving birth. Just like Mori, I am also using cloth! Yes, there is such a thing as cloth menstrual pads! Mine is from Glad Rags.

Hot & Cold Compress – Has a lot of uses but mine was mostly used for my breast. With all the problems I encountered with breastfeeding, did I mention bleeding nipples that turned purple in some areas? I would cry everyday while burying my face to a pillow so I wouldn’t wake Mori up. It’s a long story that I’ve been meaning to share ever since Mori was born but somehow I never got to write them down till now. *sigh* Anyway, use hot compress (Lansinoh Breast Therapy) to help stimulate milk flow before baby would nurse or during feeding but be careful! You don’t want the hot compress to touch your baby’s face, then always end feeding with a cold compress (Booby Tubes by EMAB) when you can during the first few weeks. Good news is, when you’ve established breastfeeding, you no longer need to do this routine over and over.

Moisturizer – Until now, I am still hooked to Yummy Mummy by Indigo Baby. They are small blocks of unrefined cocoa butter. I used it on my tummy when it was itchy but my most favorite use for it is for my face! I ditched all the creams that I was using when I got pregnant because some had chemicals that might harm Mori. It smells so heavenly, I couldn’t even sleep without it!

Bar Soap – Just like Mommy Patch’s hand sanitizer, I have been using their milk soap for years. There will be months wherein I will try something new but there is something about it that makes me want to use it again.

Breast Pads – I remember using a hand towel when the pair of breastpad that I own was in the laundry… I ended up with a soaked shirt while malling! Hahahaha! I’d die laughing about it now but you should’ve seen my face when my husband gave me his jacket to cover it up. Namutla ako girl!

Nursing Bra – You don’t need a lot. I only have two.

Nursing Cover – Because I couldn’t find an organic one from our country I resorted to ordering from US and ended up being very disappointed. Mine is from Poncho Baby. I didn’t like the fit, it can easily be too loose in front making me conscious at times, the fabric is also prone to himulmol, ugh!

So my tip for you is, if you are not that keen on organic cotton and any conventional cotton nursing cover will do, do not buy online without being able to try it for yourself. Go to the actual store and literally put it on and nurse your child.

Comfortable Clothes – Think loose shirt and leggings. Nursing Mori away from home takes patience and practice. Lots of it. There was a stage wherein Mori wouldn’t approve of being under a cover while feeding which I totally understand by the way, especially since we live in a tropical country so if you can, make some time to revamp your closet. Remove clothes that aren’t nursing friendly. Make the ones that you are most comfortable in easily accessible.

Whew! I guess that’s it.

I enjoyed typing all this for you, I hope I was of help!
Please leave a comment if you can. I’d love to talk.


P.S. Here’s something for you to smile about before leaving my page.
Spreading love, support and laughter to the moms and babies all over the world,

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  1. Thank God you posted something =) I’ve been waiting for your updates haha =p
    You’re really a hands on mom kay Baby Mori so even if we missed you na makita sa tv, we know na Mori needs you kaya we’ll wait parin for that day na mapanood ka namin ulit =)
    Mori Chan Chan is so cuteeee!!! And Y’still sexeh! =p Supermom indeed =3 God Bless always =D

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  2. Very good read sissy! As an FTM mom just a few months ahead from you, I’d say everything you said is accurate! Congrats on your beautiful blog, and more to your baby!


    • Hello Yukiko! I bought mine at The Parenting Emporium. I’ll ask them if they still have it in stock so that if you intend to pay them a visit, your effort wouldn’t be put to waste. I’ll let you know once I get a reply from them. 🙂


      • Hi jennica.. i have a 2month old baby… nag stop na ako magpa breastfeed sa baby ko kasi ayaw nya mag latch.. mahina ang supply ko, nabasa ko blog mo regarding sa breastfeeding, can u help me na refer ako sa consultant mo para ma start ko ulit mag pa breastfeed sa baby ko… pls pls jen, sobrang depressed ako tuwing nakikita ko syang formula ang iniinom nya..


      • Hi Abigail, all the details you need to contact Nurse Joyce is found at my blog entry entitled Breastfriends: A Guide To Breastfeeding. Please take some time to read that. Ito na rin ang number niya which I’ve mentioned, can be found on that entry, 09176569233. God bless you Abi and baby!


      • Ms. jenica gusto ko sanang mag exclusive breastfeeding kaya lang mahina supply ko ng milk kaya nag mmix kami ngaun ni baby… sumasabay pa yung depression ko pag nakikita ko syang na dede ng formula umiiyak ako… hindi ko na alam ggawin ko… dati 6-7bottes/4oz a day for 2months since birth after nag latch c baby bigla, naging 3-4bottles a day/4oz… 4months n sya ngaun… 2months n akong nagppabreastfeed and nagppump… ganun parin hindi ko matanggal yung bottle kasi sobrang iyak tlaga sya pag d binigyan lalo ako nastress at nallungkot pls help me…


      • I’d refer you to Nurse Joyce Martinez but she is about to leave the country. Please look for my blog post about Breastfeeding and text Nanay Estella. Avail her service so she can visit you at home to give you a lactation massage. Ask her to assess if your milk is not enough for the age of your child. If it is… Then Nathalia, know that you are not being a bad mom by choosing to mix feed. As formula moms puts it. Fed is best. Let’s be thankful that there are alternatives for mothers who are not able to produce plenty of milk. Our babies, no matter their age can sense it when we are depressed. You want to shower love, happiness and warmth to your child. Are you praying everyday? Seek Jesus during your weakest. Just lift it all to God. You can say something to him like: “Lord, you know my heart. You know how much I love my baby. Thank you because you surpass my love for baby. We take great in calling you are Father. Fill my heart with your love Lord. Once my heart is filled with your love Jesus, I can pass it on to my baby. Thank you Jesus because there are plenty of other ways to let my baby know that I love him/her other than breastfeeding. I can cradle my baby in my arms and take a stroll outside. I will show to him/her how beautiful the world that you’ve created is! We will count the trees that is surrounding our neighborhood. We will follow a cat if we see one and we will stand still when a bird touches the ground so we can observe it’s movement and beauty up close. Thank you Jesus for the gift of life! Amen.” Nathalia you can also youtube infant massage. That’s a great bonding for you and your child. When you are cradling your baby to sleep you can put your phone down, turn the tv off and just be with your child 100%. Thinking of happy thoughts or praying with him/her will bring your baby to dream land. Wag mo isipin ang iisipin ng iba because you are mix feeding. Hindi ito basehan sa pagiging mabuting ina. Call your bestfriend too. Postpartum is real and talking to someone about your worries will relieve you from the stress. You are loved Nathalia! Take care!


  3. Hello Jennica! I love this entry. Very helpful. 🙂

    I have a question on fitted diapers. How do you use them? Sorry, first time mom and I have never heard of fitteds! Do I wear them over baby’s lampin? How many fitteds does a baby need?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello Nes! When Mori was a lot younger, I got by with just using flats or lampin as I call it. I had 24 of those because she pee’s almost every hour that time. When she turned 3 months old, I managed to have 6 fitted diapers and yes you are correct, I use it over the lampin. Dumadami kasi ang urine nila as they grow kaya hindi na kaya ng lampin lang. Now that she is 8 months old, I have 15 fitted diapers. If you’re just starting out on using cloth diapers you might feel na mapapamahal ka but trust me, ang laki ng natipid naming family because of cloth diapering and breastfeeding! Let me know if you have more questions. 🙂


  4. Hello Jennica, thanks for sharing. It was so informative and inspiring as well. I have difficulty in increasing my milk supply. Its like a day to day survival for me and my baby (just enough milk). Hope you can share your breastfeeding journey and some tips on becoming successful in breastfeeding. Hmm you might want to share how you’ve shed off the postpartum weight too. 🙂 Thanks a lot and continue informing and inspiring mommies like me. It’s truly hard to be a mom but the most fulfilling one. God bless us all! 🙂

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    • Hello Cherry! Aside from what I already shared here, my advice is for you to just directly feed your baby to your breast as much as you can. At the end of the day, as baby grows, the quantity of your breastmilk is no longer an issue. It is the “quality” of the milk that matters. If you get a consultation from Nurse Joyce, I am 100% sure she’d be able to enlighten you more on this matter. Since every breastfeeding mom is different, she’ll be able to give you a sound advice on what would work best for your concern on milk production. Mother’s Milk Tea from Healthy Options works for me but to others who has asked before you, it doesn’t have an effect on them kaya better talaga to get a consultation from a professional. Email me at dearcatlady@yahoo.com so I could send her contact information to you.

      About losing the postpartum weight, I won’t be of any help because I do not exercise (which is wrong!) I want to though but I’m just too tired from cooking, doing the dishes then the laundry, magsasampay pa ko, then fold the clothes, clean the house, tend the cats, clean Mori’s mess, give her a bath and stuff so when I get a 30min-2 hours break because she’s napping, I either sleep right next to her or take advantage of the time by watching something on Netflix, write a draft of a possible blog entry or spend time talking to our Lord and Savior and catch up on my Bible reading.

      Cherry, thank you for taking time to write to me. Talking to fellow Momma’s relaxes me and makes me smile. 🙂


  5. Thank you for all the tips esp. Breastfeeding! I’m a first time mom and my baby is just 1 week old. I made a mistake of giving him formula while breastfeeding. But since yesterday I tried to do breastfeeding alone, I’m a bit scared his not getting enough but so far so good his not so cranky when he’s hungry. Normal lang ba na parang madalas syang mag poop dahil sa breast milk?

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    • Aww, congratulations MJ! I miss having a newborn… I want to be pregnant again! HAHAHA! 😀 Yes, that’s normal. It’s also normal for baby not to poop as often when she’s around 3 months and up. There were days wherein Mori will not poop for 5 days or more. As long she is alert and there is no sign of weakness, there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about. Regarding breastfeeding, yes, it is best to breastfeed exclusively. If people ask me, “how many ounces is Mori taking per feed?” I simply tell them the truth, which is I don’t know! Haha! I honestly have no idea because we have been direct feeding for 8 months now. Tiwala lang talaga. When I have doubts about the quantity of milk I produce, I remind myself that my breasts were created by a PERFECT God, therefore, the milk I am also producing is perfect for my child. Also, I highly suggest that you get a consultation from Nurse Joyce. I can’t remember how many times I thanked the Lord that I got introduced to her. I’d be buying cans of formula milk by now if not for her guidance.


      • Thank you so much! It’s a relief to know that you also don’t know how much milk you’re giving Mori haha! My hubby tells me to put it in a bottle (he’s more paranoid, haha) but I really wanted our baby Ashton to be fed directly. Tama ka, tiwala lang! I’m reminded that God is so amazing that He created us to produce just the right amount for the day. Thank you again and I’m looking forward to more of your blogs. God bless you more!


      • Hi jennica, i am interested to continue my breastfeeding journey. I hope matulungan mo po ako. I am an ofw here in Dubai. Ngwork po ako so bale si baby naiiwan at ang tinitake niya is yung expressed milk ko. Pero pansin ko lately parang bago siya matulog iyak muna iyak at akala ko growth spurt lang pero parang hindi parang hindi siya kontento sa let down ng milk ko. At ayaw niya talaga dumede sa left breast ko unless nasa state sya ng dream feeding. lo is turning 4 months this april 8. Ty po in advance. God bless.

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      • Hello Rodalyn! I admire you for your commitment to continue breastfeeding even if your baby is not latching on your left breast. That’s exactly what I went through with Mori. I had to use a nipple shield for 4 months because Mori wouldn’t nurse on my left breast without it. Have you tried using one? Mine is from Medela. Join Best About Breastfeeding for Younglings (B.A.B.Y) on Facebook and tell them what you told me so you can get as many advice as you can from different mom’s. Try to look for Mother’s Milk Tea on Health Food Store’s there or Motherlove Lactation Supplements. God bless you Rodalyn! I sincerely hope that your milk will be established soon. It was during my 4th month also when I started doubting my milk supply. Observe a little longer. Once your baby gets to latch on your left, with or without the shield, I’m sure magiging okay na ang supply mo.


  6. Hi Jennica, what are the safe products (lotion, soap, underarm cream, facial cleanser, etc.) you’re using while breastfeeding? I don’t know what to use esp. In my dark armpits. Umitim din ba sayo nung nagbuntis ka? I hope you can give me some tips about it. Thank you!

    Mj 😊

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    • Hello again MJ!
      Yes, mine darkened also. 😦 Regarding safe products, I don’t use lotion. I’m too lazy. For the soap, as I’ve mentioned on this blog entry, I use Mommy Patch. For my underarms, my deodorant is from Healthy Options, brand is Crystal. It’s actually “tawas” in a liquid form. My facial cleanser of choice is Vecirin. This is available at Watson’s. You can naturally whiten dark areas in your body by scrubbing calamansi and letting it stay on for a few minutes before you take a bath. Also MJ, stay away from products with strong fragrances especially now that you are still establishing breastfeeding with your 1 week old baby. God bless you both and thank you for dropping by!


      • Thanks Jennica! I will try the calamansi and look up the products you’ve mentioned. I hope we have it here in Cali.. Btw, I started reading a prayer book to Ashton. It hit me when I saw your post in IG reading Mori a book about Jesus. We’ll try to buy that book too. Praise God for your life!


  7. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for your tip. I bought milk tea and somehow it helped. I really admire your being a hands on mom, with no help at all, wow kudos to you.You are really amazing. May you continue to inspire others especially moms like me.

    God bless always 🙂

    PS.: looking forward to your next entry 🙂


    • Hello Cherry! Thank you so much. I’m glad the Mother’s Milk Tea worked to help increase your milk supply. 🙂 You can also take malunggay capsule daily then of course, nothing beats constant direct feeding. I hope everything goes well for you and your baby! 🙂


  8. Hi Jennica,

    PUL is actually not plastic. It’s actually a piece of fabric that’s been laminated with polyurethane to make it waterproof. It’s very breathable, my daughter uses them in addition to our HFs. 🙂

    By the way, informative entry. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you that PUL is laminated in order to be waterproof. It is actually in the process of lamination wherein a plastic substance is used. That is the reason why I do not find it breathable and call it plastic. When a diaper that is made with natural fibers soaked, it will leak in the exact area where urine passes. However, with PUL covers, the leak comes out through the leg gussets or on the upper back when baby is on it’s back because air does not pass through the genitals and bum area. You mentioned that you use hybrid fitteds so you probably already know what I am talking about. 😊 Hindi lang talaga para sa amin. We are very particular in using organic cotton but still, she gets rashes from time to time. What more if we use PUL. Very poor on breathability compared to diapers made with natural fibers. Even with disposable diapers (we tried using it on her. She is now on her 7th day on disposables) her skin would react if the disposable is not chlorine free, fragrance free and plant derived! Nakakaloka Apol bilang ang mahal. P799 for 29 pieces. Ano ba naman ang kapiranggot na hustisya para sa mga inay na sensitive ang anak! 😛

      By the way, how young is your daughter? Both of you are so blessed she doesn’t have sensitive skin! One of my bestfriends uses a PUL cover as well, she said that as Mori grows, her sensitivity to synthetic fabric/materials will lessen. I sure hope she’s right!


  9. Hi jennica. Super love ko talaga basahin blog mo. Mom of 2 and no helper din. Kakaloka no. Hehehe eldest ko is 27mos, si bunso is 6mos. Both ebf. Pero si eldest magself wean nung 2weeks old si bunso. I remember sabi ni eldest while nagmimilk sakin, mommy tulo dede mo, eew. Hehe i used ecd din both babies. Most of my stash were pockets/pul iba ibang brand, swerte di naman sila nagkarash pareho. I only have 2 fitteds. Thx brand but plan ko magswitch to fitteds din kaso mas mahal siya sa pockets. Hehe

    Ive read na your planning to sew fitteds? San ka bumili ng materials mo? And ask ko pala saan ka bumibilu ng castile soap? Healthy options din?

    Thank you ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! Would you like me to call you Marie or Margaret? GRABE! You are one supermom! Tawa ako ng tawa nung sinabihan ka ng “Mommy, eww” when your breast was leaking. Hahahah! 🙂 About the fitteds that I am making, yes they are for sale. I bought all the materials at an online store that is located in USA. For the castile soap, yes they have that at Healthy Options although mahal. What you can do is buy Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo and Bodywash at an online store in Facebook called Bao Bao Babies. Castille soap din yun. You can use it to effectively clean the hands of your whole family. That’s what we use at home. 🙂


  10. I’m single and I don’t have a baby yet but I feel genuine joy reading your post up to your conversations on comments section. God bless your family Jen! Continue to inspire!

    (P.S. Yes! Pabalik-balik akong reader dito! 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hello ms. Jennica. Ebf and ecd both babies ko like you. 27mos and 6mos both girls. I babywear them too. 😁 and no helper din ako. Whaaa.. My stash karamihan pockets and cover ibat ibang brand. 2 lang fitteds ko. Thx brand. Ang mahal kasi lalo na ibang brand pero gusto ko na din magswitch to fitteds kasi pansin ko mas less garter marks.. ive read na youre planning to sew, ask ko lang saan ka bumili ng fabrics and ano brand ng sewing machine? Or ihahand sew mo lang siya?

    And what brand ng castile soap? Nabasa ko super ganda daw ng castile soap and daming use.

    I really admire you before pa, highschool palang ako. 😀 lalo na ngayon kasi very hands on ka sa baby mo tapos no helpet pa. Laki din ng kinakain sa oras ng pag prewash palang ng cds. Hehehe pero very theraspeutic magkusot-kusot for me. Breastfeeding, cd-ing and babywearing moms rock. 😘

    2nd comment. Hehehe idk if nasend ko yung isa, if yes please disregard this. 😁 and thank you sa pagbasa ng mala nobela kong comment. 😂😂😂


  12. You have a great blog! I have 2 kids. And im also exclusively breastfeeding my going 9mo baby. I enjoyed reading this from top til the end! I think next time you should blog about the solids that your baby is taking! Lalo na focused ka on giving her organic stuff.

    God bless you and your family! And looking forward to read more from you! 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think what I have to share about baby led weaning might take awhile. Maybe when I am already more confident about it but yes, I will definitely blog about that too. 🙂

      Good job on breastfeeding exclusively! 🙂 God bless you too Jac. 🙂


  13. very helpful for first time mums! i remember i went gaga over researching about cloth diapers haha i ended up buying organic prefolds and nylon covers. how do you work with fitteds? dont they leak? you use them at night too?

    baby erin and i are ebf but sometimes doubt on my milk supply kicks in when i pump. im still at 3 oz both breast an we are already at 2 mos. praying i get to pass atleast the 6 month mark! 🍼🍼🍼you are an inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Hi Jennica! I am a first time mom and my baby boy is 4 months now. Nagbebreastfeed ako but I also give him formula milk 3-4 times a day. I want to do exclusive breastfeeding but I’m scared that my baby won’t get enough milk. There are times kasi na parang sobrang hina ng milk ko tapos naiinis sya, so formula milk and ending. Ano kayang pwedeng i-take/kainin/gawin para lumakas ang milk ko? Thank you so much! 😘 ( Love your blog! ❤)

    P.S. Crush na crush ka ng hubby ko simula pa nung sa teleserye nyo ni Dennis Trillo sa GMA 😂😂😂


    • Hello Kristine! Have yourself assessed by a professional so that you’ll know if your milk supply is low or not. Without getting a consultation, it is easy to conclude that ay! My milk supply is low. I was like that also with Mori when she was still a newborn. I blame my milk production because of her cries when in truth, it wasn’t that naman pala. She’s gassy kasi. That’s why she has to be held upright all the time after a feed pero pwede rin naman na tama ka. Your milk supply might be low but that’s something that can be fixed. Give me your email so I could send you the contact number of Nurse Joyce. I hope your consultation goes well.


      • hello. can i have nurse joyce’s email too. i have the same situation. Currently ‘toppi g up’ with formula after breastfeeding. prescribed by our pedia, because my baby is underweight (by almost a kilo 😦 ).
        ive been doing this for 3 weeks now, and I want to go back to exclusively breastfeeding once my babys weight is normal.

        Can you also put up a post on how to breast feed while baby wearing?? 😀 Im also taking care of my kid all by myself, and I sometimes eat late, because I wasnt able to cook because of the baby. thanks!

        my email is japanesecake[at]gmail.com


  15. Hi jennica. Your blog really inspires me. I have a hard time breastfeeding my 3weeks old baby boy cause my right nipples became sore so maybe i will try the nipple cream. I really want to breastfeed exclusively.
    And also when did you used your carrier? I think its a big help and I sas your pictures on fb wearing nursing dressses. Where did you get it?
    Thank you in advance!


  16. Hi Jennica. I am 14weeks pregnant. Sobrang Nakakainspire ung blog mo, nakakaexcite, nakakakilig, especially ung sa breastfeeding, I’m praying that the Lord will use me also in breastfeeding to my baby soon.Thank you kay Lord for using you to inspire us soon to be moms and mom already. God Bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Hi jennica, can i ask what are the brands you used for mori’s cd? And is she still ecd? I’m planning kasi na mag start na ng cd sa 2 month old baby ko.☺️ Thank you in advance po.☺️


  18. Hi Jennica, i’m just new to your blog but I got interested to read on and discovered and learned alot of things. It makes me feel of wanting to have our 3rd baby and be as hands on mom as you are. I really hoped that I’ve been introduced to breastfeeding and opt to breastfeed when I had my son. I know that money is not an issue if I want to be a full time mom to my kids but living to our budget. I am really inspired. God bless your heart and your family!


    • Thank you Jowelynn. You are correct, you can still breastfeed with your next child in the future. When the time comes that the Lord will bless you with a third child, I am in faith that Jesus would give you a healthy baby who would surprise you with his latching skills and that you’d have enough milk to breastfeed as long as the baby wants. God bless and thank you for reading my blog!


  19. Hello Jennica! I’m Judea from Cebu. I am 8 weeks pregnant and ngsesearch talaga ako ngayon ng mga blogs regarding sa pagiging first time mom, panganganak, breastfeeding and all. Excited ako na takot din at the same time.. Sana kakayanin ko ang pain. Anyways po yung sa breastfeeding curious po ako sa nipple shield at nipple cream saan po sya mabibili? Sana I get a response po from you. 🙂


    • Hi Judea! God bless your pregnancy. Una sa lahat, do not be afraid because God designed your body for it. With the Lord’s grace. You’ll give birth to a healthy baby! About the nipple shield. Do not buy one unless you really need it. When will you need it? If the pain is too much for you to handle and you’ve decided to give formula milk instead. Don’t worry because the pain will only last for a few weeks. In my case it was 3 months but no mother in the world is exactly the same. Nipple Cream is available at The Parenting Emporium and most baby stores. God bless you!


  20. Hi jennica, I just gave birth a week ago. I can say I am lucky that I was able to produce milk as soon as I gave birth. Like you, I am prone to engorgement. My problem is my baby couldn’t latch properly so I ended up with sore nipples which is way painful, toe curling pain. My husband would like to support me of my breastfeeding although he is having doubt if the baby is having enough, that causes the argument at times. What do I do to increase my milk supply? I am drinking sorts of malunggay products, soups and etc none of them seems to work. I always end up collecting the most is 1oz every pump and that is every 2-3 hours. Thank you and more power to you.


  21. This is very helpful! I am on my 24th week now and being a first time mom, I want to be as prepared as I can be. Thanks for every detail you shared! I’m still getting my list ready so it’s great I got to read your blog. God bless you Jennica and your family! 😘


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