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Breastfeeding in Public? Bring it on!

11822638_1606777409584942_6916436559924749702_nMome is a local clothing line that is tailored for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding in public was never an issue for me. I remember going to the mall with my husband when Mori was so small and has this need to feed frequently. I didn’t walk to the other end of the mall just so I’d reach the breastfeeding station. I would simply find a chair to sit in and take the breast out. I remember thinking to myself: “I have a screaming baby here people! You judging me is the least of my priority.”

Apparently not all moms feel the same, there are those who are more conservative (which is alright and totally understandable) while there are babies who would choose to nurse in a quiet area with zero distractions (Mori had this phase) that is why I am so happy to be writing about this brand because I know a lot of moms would also find it very convenient to have.

It was only when Abygail, owner of Mome, did I came to realize that I don’t own a single nursing wear on my cabinet! Turns out, my mind was so focused on everything that Mori will need upon giving birth that I actually missed on the things that would be essential for me to have in this new season of my life… My life as a mother.


I find it funny that a nursing wear didn’t even cross my mind when one of the very few things that I was so sure about even before Mori was born is that I would breastfeed as long as Mori wanted to. I will not in any way attempt to wean her off the breast and breastfeed on demand.


Now that I have thought about it, I guess I just didn’t see the point then. I mean, I can always wear a polo shirt for an easier breastfeeding access. Besides, Mori was already 9 months when I was given a few pieces from Mome nursing wear to review. Yes, I made it to 9 months without owning one but here’s the catch! W-H-Y? Why did I found out about Mome just now! I liked it so much that I choose to wear it everyday when I can.


This is how this beautiful brown dress looks like from the back. If you are tall like me, my height is 5’7, get a medium because it might come off a tad bit short once worn.


Among all the 4 Mome pieces that I own, this one is my favorite and I have a story to tell as proof. The nearest mall from where my family lives is Trinoma. We go there on a weekly basis but there was this one time that we went there twice in one week. Can you see where I am going here? I went to Trinoma twice in one week wearing the same outfit and ate at the exact same restaurant. I can’t help but wonder if the waiters noticed. Hahaha!


I also like the fact that I no longer bring my nursing cover with me when I am wearing Mome.


Breastfeeding with Mome is so discreet, I can feed Mori any time at absolutely any place without worrying if I am showing too much skin.


I am wearing a Mome Maxi Dress in Paula.


Secretly hoping that Mori would fall asleep after feeding so that my husband and I could talk without being interrupted.


The smile that I make when Mori is asleep. Hallelujah! The Lord is real!


Mori: “I am awake now! What did I miss? Oooohhh… A brown bag! Gimme gimme, I know there is food in there!”


Another thing that I like about Mome is how it withstands a spin dry washing machine. Absolutely no hand washing necessary.

The top I am wearing in this photo is called “Avery”.


Smile to the camera Mori!


*Grabs some tissue* I was busy emoting to the camera when this baby right here fell silent. Kaya pala! Uunahan pa ko sa cake.


Mori’s face when she knew she got caught. Busted!!!


Mome can be found on the following links below:

Brown Dress: P450 | Green Top: P350 | Black Dress: — | Pink Dress: P450


I hope you enjoyed today’s entry! If I were to give you a quick tip, go get yourself a few pieces because they really make going out with a breastfed child so much easier. I felt silly not even taking nursing wears into consideration sooner. Also, if our plans to go out of the country before the year ends pushes through, all 4 of these will definitely make its way to my luggage.

Goodbye for now and as always, thanks for dropping by!


5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding in Public? Bring it on!

  1. Thanks for blogging about this one. I am really waiting for you to blog about this when i saw it on your facebook. Finally, it will be worry-free breastfeeding for me.

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  2. Way to go, momma! I am also breastfeeding in public but I bring my nursing cover with me or wear my boring button down shirt for easy access. Thank you for blogging about Mome. I’ll give it a try!

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  3. Hi Jen, sobrang inggit ako walang ganyan kaganda at affordable nursing clothes dito sa Cali… pagod na ako mag nursing cover, and grabe mga tao dito makapag judge sa nagbbreastfeed in public. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement, 3 months na bf baby si Ashton and he doesn’t like baby bottles unlike nung first 2 months nya. Na-pressure ako kasi dami critics na mas magggain daw ang baby kapag mix feeding with formula. Since ayaw na nya sa milk bottle pinush ko talaga ebf. Kapag nakikita ko si baby Mori na super healthy, naccomfort ako na mas magiging healthy si Ash ng walang formula.


  4. Hi Jennica!
    I hope it’s okay to post your picture in my blog 🙂 I am also breastfeeding and looking for a nursing dress na strike anywhere kapag sinuot. 🙂

    Thanks a lot in advance and God bless you and your family!


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