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Mori Mom Sisterhood’s 1st Seminar

As of June 8, 2016, Mori Mom Sisterhood is already one month old and with over 2,000 members. If you are already a member of the sorority, Happy Monthsary to us Momma! ❤


In celebration of the sorority’s first month, I came up with a seminar dedicated to Pregnant Women and Parent’s with babies 0-1 year of age.

Program Flow


To appreciate the program further, here is a short description of each topics listed so that you’ll have an idea on what to expect.

  • Nature’s Design for Infant Care

This is a broad topic that will discuss bed sharing, baby carrying, teething, recommended toys and so on. To simply put it, we will look at the roots of how mothering once were during the old times and how we could still apply those in today’s fast and busy society.

  • Natural Infant Hygiene

Overwhelmed with the idea of a newborn baby using the toilet? Don’t know how and when to start? That is exactly what I am here for! Natural Infant Hygiene (NIH) is an ancient practice that has served both babies and mothers way before diapers were invented. This is the method that we used that is why Mori is already wearing organic cotton panties full time at 9 moths old. The handout that will be given to you at the seminar includes a step by step process to guarantee success.

  • Wholesome Nutrition

I am not a nutritionist nor do I have a background on child medicine but since one of the questions that I get asked a lot is about the food that I give Mori, I decided to include it in the program. Join me as I share to you the Pediatrician-Approved list of food and recipes that I prepare for Mori ever since she turned 7 months old, the ‘mistakes’ that I did that caused her to have diarrhea and the supplies that I bought to make meal times safe and fun for the whole family!

  • Holistic Beauty and Wellbeing

Cheers to the all the mom’s who dreams of having a break from the kids and longs a peaceful lunch date with a friend but finds herself still talking about “child related stuff” once she gets there. Can I get an “Amen” there sister? In this topic, we will explore the matters of a ‘Mother’s Heart’. I will discuss the ways on how a mom can still feel good about herself despite the challenges that motherhood brings and which beauty product to toss and what products to keep.

  • Circle Time

Next to Natural Infant Hygiene, this is definitely what I am looking forward to next. The venue of the seminar will be held at the restaurant of my mom. It can accommodate 50 people but the reason why I am only allowing 10 mothers per batch is because I want the seminar to be intimate. I’ll be hosting a seminar throughout the year and I will try my very best to keep the number this way. My goal is for the attendees to go home feeling renewed, equipped and confident. With just 10 mothers in a room, the chances of exchanging digits and being friends once they step out the door is bigger. We already know by now that motherhood is indeed tough that is why it would be great to find support from mothers who is also going through or know what you are going through. Circle Time allows an open discussion. Parents are given time to share why they chose to attend the seminar and ask questions. I believe every single mother has her own expertise so anyone who has an advise are encouraged to chip in. I would love to learn from you as well.

The Venue



A Jean’s Manila best-seller,  bopis for only P150. 

Jean’s Manila is a Neighborhood Resto and Cafe that offers Filipino food at an affordable price. Seminar attendees may order and eat while the program is ongoing or arrive early and have lunch before the program starts. It is up to you!


They also have pizza at Jean’s! ❤

I have decided to join the seminar to eat, I mean, to learn! How do I get a slot?

Email your answered form to coachjennica@yahoo.com

MAIN CONCERN FOR ATTENDING: (Refer to the ‘Program Flow’ above for your choices, please pick your “Top 2” concerns only)
REGISTERING FOR: 1ST BATCH (June 25, 2016) / 2ND BATCH (June, 26, 2016)

The form will serve as your ‘official reservation slip’. This is the only way for those interested to get a slot.


To ensure the reservation of your slot, deadline of payments is on JUNE 13, 2016.
Payments must be settled in FULL via cash deposit. (Bank account details will be sent to the email that you have provided.)


Mori and I are looking forward to meet you, goodbye for now!




2 thoughts on “Mori Mom Sisterhood’s 1st Seminar

  1. Hi ms Jennica, i would like to join in your talk, however your location is to far from me, is there a way that you can have a semina in makati or manila area, that would be awesome, im a new working mom, if i could be hands on mom just like you, but i have to work for my Oona, your words inspire me to be a good mom. Wish you could have a seminar nearer.. Hihihihihi


  2. Hi, Jennica! I tried leaving a comment on one of your FB posts but since we’re not FB friends, I couldn’t — so I will just leave my comment here. 🙂 I’d like to learn more about natural infant hygiene sana, and maybe cover it in an article for philstar.com (I’m a contributor there). Please let me know if I can e-mail you somewhere or send me a PM on FB (Tina S. Rodriguez). Thanks a lot! God bless always!


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