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Rejuvehair: Hair Center for The Natural Mom

Is it just me or are effective natural hair treatments just so difficult to find? No. I think that came out the wrong way. It should be… “How come natural hair treatments cannot compete with chemical laden treatments that are widely available in most salons?”

I’ll be quick to share that when Mori was still in my tummy, I went to my go to salon in Tomas Morato to have my hair blow dried for a an event. While my hair was being washed, my eyes was tearing up. Probably from the ammonia in the product that they use to color the hair of a different client? I am not sure. The overall scent of the salon made me dizzy. I asked that they transfer me to the second floor (where there were no clients) and while they happily obliged, it was in that moment that I decided to no longer come back for a  hair treatment and just settle with at home care tubs that are available in grocery stores. I thought… even if the product that they use isn’t applied to me directly because the mere action of breathing made me dizzy and my eyes turned red and started tearing up, the same scenario might be happening to my unborn child. Better sure than sorry right?

Just so you’ll have an idea on my hair type…

My hair is in its virgin state. Meaning, it is not treated with hair colorants and since I stopped accepting teleseryes because I don’t want to be away from my daughter for long periods of time, this means not having the need to use a flat iron to keep my hair in place! Surprisingly, despite my attempts to bring back my hair’s natural luster. It is still very dry. When Kyra, the Manager of Rejuvehair checked my hair. I even had dandruff (which I didn’t know I had) and hair fall. But honestly, what bothers me the most is the mark on my hair from always tying it up in a ponytail. It won’t go away! One time, I fought the urge to tie my hair for 5 days to check if it will straighten up but the mark from tying it up is still there.


My experience with Rejuvehair’s Signature Hair Treatment started with the therapist washing my hair with shampoo.


Once my hair was thoroughly cleaned, he massaged nourishing oil on my scalp.


This is how the concoction looks up-close. I was warned during my first visit, (this is my second session) that it has a foul smell but I am honestly not bothered by it at all. During my second visit, I actually liked the aroma that it emits. Think herbs and earthy undertone.


The Signature Hair Treatment of Rejuvehair is cold when applied to the scalp. According to my therapist, they keep the concoction in the fridge so that it will not spoil.


Reporting LIVE! An alien was found at 2F Sekai Center 368 Ortigas Ave. cor. Madison St. North Greenhills, San Juan City. (Yep! That’s the address of Rejuvehair.)


When every strand of my hair was coated with the herbal treatment, my therapist prepared the steamer. While waiting, I carried on with reading the magazine that they have provided while breastfeeding Mori.


Yes. I am breastfeeding in this photo and it feels so good to pamper myself and still have my baby around.  I don’t have to worry if the client next to me is having her hair colored, permanently straightened etc. because that means the room will smell bad from all the chemicals and eventually, Mori would inhale it and I’ll end up leaving the place sooner than I hoped. No guilt feeling right here!


They don’t use products with chemicals at Rejuvehair. Only a mixture of natural, herbal and organic ingredients. Heaven heard us fellow tribal mom!


Took a photo of my husband while he was softly humming so that Mori won’t wake up from her nap while I have my hair rinsed.

In order to see results, I highly suggest that you buy their special blend of shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and at home hair care treatment.


I was given a small bottle of their products during my first visit.

At first, I felt that it didn’t made any difference but when I left the bottles by accident  at the wet floor area of the hotel where my family and I stayed for a day, that’s when I realized that they actually work. When I went back for the products, someone already took it. 😦

I bought the biggest bottle on my second visit because I’d save more that way.

Here are their prices:

Shampoo – 100ml, P495. 250ml, 1,095.

Conditioner – 100ml, P395. 250ml, P895

Nourish Oil Blend – 30ml, P1,295.

Hair and Scalp Treatment – 120ml, P1,520


In case you’d like to have your hair treated, here is Rejuvehair’s Operating Hours:

Monday to Thursday – 10am to 8pm

Friday & Saturday – 10am to 9pm

Sunday – 11am to 7pm

Last call is 2 hours before closing.

You can also visit their website: Rejuvehair Herbal Solutions

You’re welcome! πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Rejuvehair: Hair Center for The Natural Mom

  1. Thank you for sharing. I wish you can share us all the organic products you use cause its hard to search about it. For Mori, where do you buy her food? Is it also organic? Please also share this. Thank you πŸ™‚ I’m a first time mom who wants to have an organic life soon.


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