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Back of The House: Cooking Made EASY and FUN!


Unlike my mom who is superb in the kitchen, I on the other hand is the complete opposite. This is the reason why I am always on the lookout for budget friendly cooking classes that can be easily adapted in our home.

Before showing you photos from the class that I took, can I just share that I get distracted all the time because I have a classmate who is so good looking. As in gwapo talaga!


Aanhin mo ang pagkain kung ngiti pa lang busog ka na. #CHOS


We took the Cook-Wine-Dine class which taught us how to make warm apple cinnamon, romesco with crostini bread and my absolute favorite, gnocchi pasta from scratch!


I wasn’t expecting to like the romesco since I am not a fan of tomatoes but the one that we made is surprisingly good!


Now here is Master Chef Alwyn, he will share to us the secret in making crostini breads even yummier. First step is to apply olive oil liberally on both sides of the bread.


Once the pan is already hot, gently place the bread. Make sure that it is not overly crowded!


Tadaaa! Burnt crostini! HAHA! #Strike1


Now it is my turn to show you my cooking skills.


Fluffy, even in size and perfectly shaped gnocchi… Beautiful isn’t it? Hindi ko gawa yan.


This is the one that I made! Flat and unevenly shaped. #Strike2


This is me admiring the work of others. CHAR. That is me cheating. Hahaha! #Strike3


In the end, our dish didn’t just look appetizing, it turned out tasting really good too! My husband has been requesting that I cook this for him in our home many times already.


You’ve probably realized by now that your cooking skills won’t get enhanced with the guidance of me and my husband so I might as well lead you to the professionals! You may refer to the photo above for their available classes this month, exact venue and contact information.


  1. As I have mentioned earlier, I attend various cooking classes as much as I can and among all those that I have been to, only Back Of The House didn’t have a printed copy of the recipe given to the attendees. When I brought this to their attention, an email was sent to me with a copy of the recipe for all the three dishes that we made. So just in case you are like me who likes sticking to the recipe because meals don’t turn out good when we rely on tantsa, just let them know and  I’m sure they’ll send it to you via email as well.


  1. Back Of The House can easily be tracked through Waze.
  2. The chef managed to simplify each instruction which made it very easy to understand. He was light-hearted and made the whole cooking experience fun and enjoyable. He also mentioned “na wala sa itsura yan, nasa lasa”. This line helped me and my husband laugh off our mistakes.
  3. Unlike other kitchens that I’ve been to for a workshop, Back Of The House is well ventilated. I didn’t sweat at all! Take note that there were about 6 stations working simultaneously inside the kitchen. This is a big plus for me!
  4.  A great way to celebrate your next baby shower! If I get pregnant again, I think I’d like my baby shower to be held at Back Of The House. Instead of the usual baby shower games where guests would be blindfolded, fed spoon full of baby food and asked to guess what the ingredients are, I would rather have someone teach us to cook a healthy meal with the rest of my mommy friends. Since the holiday season is coming up, it might be a great idea to use the place as a gathering for groups. For more details about this, just send them an email and address your inquiries to Booboo.


And lastly, my 1 year old Mori-chan LOVED what her Tatay and Nanay made! An ingredient-concious mom like me reaps many benefits from attending workshops like this. We want our children to eat food that are made from scratch so that we have control over the ingredients that goes into it. Correct?

Thank you so much for having my family Back Of The House! Looking forward to participate in your future workshops.




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