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Nursing with MOME

Other than MOME‘s new collection, I have something else to share!


I stopped using a nursing cover when Mori was 10 months old. That was around May of this year, 2016, when I got lots of nursing dresses from Mome. It allowed me to wear MOME all day, everyday, seven times a week! It was then that I realized that with a bunch of MOME nursing wear in my cabinet, Mori’s head is the only cover that I would ever need. It made the both of us more comfortable this way since there never came a time wherein I was a fan of nursing covers anyway. Maybe a big factor to why is because I didn’t like using one in the first place because of our tropical climate. It’s always summer in the Philippines!

By the way, I am wearing a Dolly Nursing Dress by MOME in the photo above, while Mori is wearing an organic dress that was given to her by her Lola Lisa last Christmas.


Look at how long my hair used to be before I had it chopped off at a salon! This photo is from a blog entry that I wrote about MOME before. If you haven’t read that yet, you may do so by clicking this link, Breastfeeding in Public? Bring it on!.

Now, if you are done reading my previous post about MOME, allow me to give you a sneak peak of their new collection!


It is difficult to shoot with a toddler that is why I am so happy that Tatay got to capture this photo of me with our precious little girl!


A closer look at MOME’s nursing shirt with print.

Friendly Tip: Do not iron directly on the print or it will smear! Turn the shirt inside out and use an iron on the wrong side instead.


MOME Robby Nursing Shirt in Egg Plant.


I personally like that the sleeves are long enough to hide my flabby arms. I should start exercising!


Robby Nursing Top is a 2 in 1 shirt. You can unravel the knot to make it longer. I wear it this way when I am wearing leggings.


Jessie Nursing Top in Brown by MOME


This is how the top looks like from the side.


And this is Mori trying to open the zipper so she can have milk!


My one and only successful photo of Mori while feeding because she wants to run around and play in the mud.


This Alice Dress in Tangerine is beautiful but I find it too short for my height. I am 5’7, so if you are tall like me, order it one size larger. This is a MOME bestseller!


Hannah Nursing Top in Berry by MOME


My awkward attempt at making myself look different and a tad bit pretty for our last layout.




Tadaaa! Nothing changed. HAHA!


Just like how a friend of mine often says, “Pak, awra!

Putting MOME’s Darling Maxi Nursing Dress a rest because this is now my current fave! Oh how I wish I have this in all colors. It is called Justine in Royal Blue. I get a lot of compliments from people when I am in this dress. ❤

P.S. Just like with any outfit, if you want to use it all-the-time, prolong its life by handwashing your nursingwear instead of just tossing it in the washing machine.

Nursing Bra

MOME also released a line of nursing bra. I picked two kinds. The Bethany, P600 and The Bella Nursing Bra, P700. Both are good but if you are on a budget and would only buy one, I’d choose Bella over Bethany. Get it in beige!

It is difficult for me to go to bed with a bra on but it happend so many times when I am wearing Bella Nursing Bra because it sooo comfortable! A must buy if you ask me.


That is all for today! Thank you for supporting my blog by visiting when you can.


Ready to order? Here are the links that you need. Happy Shopping!



Price List

Dolly Dress in Orange ~ P650

Hannah Nursing Top in Berry ~ P300

Robby Nursing Top in Egg Plant   ~ P400

Justine Dress in Royal Blue ! P650

Jessie Nursing Top in Brown ~ P450

Green Nursing Top with Print ~ n/a

Alice Nursing Dress in Tangerine ~ P450


6 thoughts on “Nursing with MOME

  1. I wish I had access to these years ago. The nursing clothes I chanced upon back then seemed too expensive that I didn’t indulge. Without the covers, I often opted for wearing a tank top underneath a shirt – pull up the shirt and pull down the tank top and voila! Haha! It worked, but fashion was of course out of the question. Ü


    • Hi Rain! I did that too before I had Mome in my closet BUT very rarely because wearing an undershirt is way too hot. Especially during Mori’s early months, I have no idea why but I was sweating like crazy so I only do that when I know that the venue that we will be in has good AC. Hahaha! 🙂 It’s so funny now that I think about it. Thank you for dropping by. 🙂


  2. Wow! Never knew these clothes exists. I guess we all have our shares on how we dress outside and breastfeed our baby. Would love to have some of these. Btw, can i ask about periods? Have it returned to you already? I’d been breastfeeding for a year now and wondering when do periods comes back for nursing moms. TIA.


      • Thanks for replying. I was kinda worried lang kasi if its normal haha! I guess unless we stop breastfeeding, periods will shy away don’t you think? I’ve read your tips on surviving without a nanny. Those are useful tips i could use when we move out of my in-laws house when hubby arrives.


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