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Travelling with a Toddler Series: What’s in Mori’s Luggage? 

There are a few who wanted to know what I prepared for my little girl’s first plane ride so here it is!


We stayed in Tokyo for 10 days. Because of this, I prepared ten sets of clothes for daily wear plus another 10 so that she can change when she gets her clothes dirty. Something that is to be expected when you have a toddler!

Afraid that your baby might get a bruise? Crawlings Knee Pads is lightweight and is comfortable for baby to use on a daily basis during playtime. Perfect for babies who are in the “learning to walk” phase. It can be bought online locally through Baobao Babies.

According to my Otosan (Father), February is the coldest month in Tokyo. Way colder than the ber months! He also told me that it is unusual to snow in Tokyo. Usually, snow is common only in the provinces of Japan. However, during our first day, we stepped out of the train with snow falling from the sky! My heart was filled with joy. No matter where we are, our God is always with us. I know that the snow was a gift from Him. It was our first time to experience it. For our remaining days, snow didn’t fell. Sinalubong lang talaga kami. 🙂

Inner shirt, knitted sweater and pants are from Natura Pura’s Organic Line. You can get them from Danish Wool in USA.

The organic boiled wool shoes is from Little Spruce Organics, also from USA but the cute knee high socks you can buy locally from Baobao Babies. The socks are made in Korea. Yay! I try to stay away from products that are made in China.

Other than that, you’ll find two pairs of shoes in her luggage and a slip on footwear that she change into when she’s chilling in her GB Pockit Stroller. With the stroller’s weight being airline approved, there was absolutely no need to have it checked in! Our flight was delayed for about 7 hours. This gave me a chance to meet new mommy friends from England and America. They too fell in love with our stroller! At first, I was worried that Mori’s ride would be unstable because it is so compact but my goodness! I never left our place without it. Wether it is a smooth surface or a rough one (tons of small rocks from the park) our GB Pockit Stroller delivered!

I also brought 2 swaddle blankets that can be turned into so many things. 1 hooded bath towel, 5 pairs of socks, 10 towelettes/burp pads, a bib that she will be using for the first time (I like making Mori wear a worn out shirt instead of a bib when eating because it gets in the way with baby led weaning at times, but this trip is an exception.) We will use a bib to save space! Then finally, 13 pieces of underwear.

P.S. I made a resources list for you at the bottom of this page so that you’d know where to buy the products that I’ve shared in this entry.


I have never been so relieved as much as I am now with the fact that Mori is already Potty Trained at 9 months old! She is now 1 year and 7 months. I just can’t imagine myself changing diapers in between strolling in the park, eating out and please no… In the plane! Mahilohin pa naman ang lola niyo.

Speaking of Potty Training, I have an Elimination Communication (For babies 0-18 months) and a Potty Training Class (18 months and up) next month. Here are all the details that you need in case you are interested to join:

Back to the things that we brought with us…

First Aid Kit: Allium Cepa for colds, Belladonna for fever and Chamomilia for teething pain. I also brought with us a propolis throat spray from Echo Store’s BGC Branch for cough (not for babies one and below), Weleda copper ointment for muscle pain/blood circulation, Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel and Mother Love Green Salve for rashes, burns, itchiness, mosquito bite and other skin related problems. You can get Mother Love from The Parenting Emporium. I am a fan of this particular brand. Their nipple cream and breastfeeding supplements are the best!

I didn’t get to bring these two items because it arrived late in the mail but I am sharing it anyway! The Echinacea is a homeopathic remedy. It is an immune system booster while the jar on the right is my new toothpaste of choice for Mori! You’ll receive it in powder form. What I do is mix it with an Organic, Raw and Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil to create a paste. Both are available at Happy Sleepy Herbals & The Thoughtful Pantry.


The Pottete Plus! An absolute favorite of fellow ECiers, is a 2 in 1 Pottying System. It can be a toilet seat reducer or a self standing potty. It is compact! I simply fold it and toss it underneath the stroller so I can easily pull it out when Mori has to  use the loo. Available at Mother Care.

The pack of disposable potty liners and portable bidet are for easy clean up.


Now unto Mori’s sling bag!

Looks a lot right? Well, the drawing pad and sticker book can be found on my carry on bag, while the rake and shovel will go to the luggage. The rest will go to the tiny pastel pink bag you saw earlier.  I placed everything in one photo because these are the things that will keep Mori busy when needed. I will make an elaborate entry  about this soon.

Next, I will now show you the stuff that you will find in my bag!

Meet my ever so reliable friend, Kate Spade. (No bulky diaper bag for this ECing mom right here!)

A change of clothes for my bambina, tissue, wet wipes, the activity book I was referring to earlier, my Tamagotchi, facial mist, facial wash and tinted sunscreen from Asiaesthetics, wallet, iPad and Nintendo DS.

And finally, the most important of all! Well, for Mori anyway. Her SNACKS! New moms, brace yourself for the tantrum of the century. You don’t want to deal with a hungry toddler. Believe me!

I prepared purple corn, nilagang saba, carrot sticks and boiled egg. To keep Mori hydrated, instead of the usual water, I made her homemade tea from scratch! It is very easy to make. I will share the recipe tomorrow!

I usually use mason jars but since we will be out and about most of the time, bringing those jars wherever we go would be too heavy for me. No compromises for our drinking bottle though! Life Factory Glass Straw Bottle with silicone cover is available through Baobao Babies. The bottle itself is made in France while the rest of the parts are made in USA. If you aren’t convinced about switching to a glass bottle, know that my mom has been using the same Life Factory Bottle but with a different color for more than a year now while my brother brings the same brand with him to school.


I almost forgot! I brought these as well. Potty protectors that even Alwyn and I used, Mosquito Repellant that I just left in the car in Manila because my friend who resides in Japan said that they don’t have mosquitos there, even in the park and  thermometer to add in our first aid kit.

Also, I’ve been getting messages about where I bought my luggage, a request on sharing where I bought this or that so here it is! I collected the information that some of you needed. I hope you’ll find these links helpful. Thank you for dropping by!



1. Baby Mall PH  – GB Pockit Stroller: Facebook.

2. The Parenting Emporium – Motherlove Green Salve.

3. Baobao Babies – Life Factory, Crawlings, Mini Dressing (Knee High Socks) and Potty Protector: Instagram Contact Numbers: 0917-634-8889 or 032-5052590

4. Mother Care – Pottete Plus, Disposable Liner: Facebook

5. Rustan’s – Organic Bath Towel and Superga Shoes: InstagramFacebookTwitter.

6. Asiaesthetics The Macell Clinic – Facial Wash and Tinted Sunscreen: Facebook.

7. Happy Sleepy Herbals – Toothpaste and Echinacea: Facebook.

8. Echo Store – Throat spray.


1. Danish Wool – Knitted Sweater, Long Johns, Shirt.

Brand: Natura Pura.

2. Little Spruce Organics – Underwear, Boiled Wool Boots Swaddle and Burp Pad.

Brands: Aden and Anais (Organic Line), Under The Nile and Disana.

3. Liz Lisa (Japan) – Luggage. 


5 thoughts on “Travelling with a Toddler Series: What’s in Mori’s Luggage? 

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  2. Hi Jen, where did you buy these Allium Cepa for colds, Belladonna for fever and Chamomilia for teething pain? Is Mori’s pedia also a homeopathy? I am actually looking for natural medicine for my son. Thanks, Jenn! 🙂


    • I bought mine from Centro Natura in Kamuning. My Pedia, Dra. Cricket Chen of St. Lukes BGC also have the remedies that you mentioned. Last resort would be Healthy Options because of their high price but it can be bought there as well. Sorry it took me so long to reply!


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