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Mori’s 1st Easter

We woke up at 6:30 in the morning to prepare for Mori’s 1st Easter Egg Hunt. I never got to experience this as a child so I was honestly looking forward to it too.

 All photos are taken by my husband, Alwyn of @alwynadventures on instagram unless stated otherwise.


It took us 2 hours to get to our destination. The drive might be long but always worth it once we get there.


Oh the fresh air that naturally smells sweet because of the flowers in our surroundings.


As we stepped out of the car, I had a feeling that today would be a good day. And indeed, it was… 🍃🌻🎍


Mori’s Lola Lisa joined us for Easter.


Having her with us allowed me to have time for myself.

I took the book out from my bag and sat in a corner when a ladybug kept me company. They can be very thoughtful if they wanted to… 🐞


I was able to restock our pantry and take home some plants with us. Our okra, pineapple, onion, tomato and ginseng will be happy with their new friends lemongrass and mint. ❤


Mori was busy picking all sorts of things from the ground.


She held unto this tomato as if her life depended on it. Mori’s little antics never fail to make me and her father laugh every once in a while.


I almost forgot to share that a spider also went out of his way to greet us good morning. 🕷🕸 Now that I am looking at this photo, I am reminded that it was Easter Sunday of 2013, ang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay ng Panginoon when Alwyn asked for my hand in marriage. 💍

It was the beginning of my forever. 💕

I did not intend to share how our Easter went but I figured that I should blog about it anyway because yesterday, Mori suprised me…

My only child is no longer a baby.

She was making an effort to sew just like how I do it on a daily basis in our home and how the older children in her surroundings are currently doing it.


Photo taken with my iPhone

She managed to find two eggs with very little help from me!

Photo taken with an iPhone

A week before Easter, she also found a very special dragon egg by the creek but we didn’t take it home with us. 🐲 Dragon eggs needs the warmth of their mother in order for it to survive. 🐉


Mori gave the dragon egg one last look before she bid farewell.

When her Father held her in his arms while  I watch them from a distance, I noticed that she has gotten slimmer and taller. No more triple chin and baby rolls for this young lady. When did this change started?

These priceless moments constantly provide enough assurance that somehow, my decision to not have a commitment with the entertainment industry is all worth it. This decision must be made so I could focus on my family.

I leave everything to faith. Faith that in Him and through Him, our family will remain  fed and that Jesus will always put a roof over our heads.

Time will come that even if I want to be right next to my daughter in every milestone of her life, some moments will require for Mori to experience it alone. When that time comes and I hope that it’s not too soon… I’d like to think that networks would still open their door for me. That even if there are hundreds of stars out there, there will always be room for one more.

I’d like to end with this letter with the hope that teenager Mori would one day read it…

Dear Mori,
I never really understood what it meant to continuously be forgiven for my wrongdoings until I had you. There is nothing that you could do that would make me love you less. When I came to realize this, I fell to my knees. Paano pa ang pagmamahal sa atin ng nag iisang Diyos. So this is what it truly means to be loved, forgiven and saved. Salamat anak. Having the Almighty One as our Father gives peace in my heart that your future will be bright. I am looking forward for the day to come wherein we would share stories on how we both encountered Jesus. We will sing praises to Him all the days of our life and when the time comes that you’ll feel lost in this world, yes anak, there will be scary days, days where you’ll ask yourself if life is worth living… I will remind you that the life that we have is temporary and that there is a place called heaven to look forward to. The emptiness that you will one day feel in your heart is something that I also felt, it’s something that each and every one in this will world will experience. It is because we all need a Savior, Mori. I’d pour all the love in my heart to you but it will never be enough because there is that space in the corner of your heart that only God could fill. Believe in the man who died on the cross for your life, Mori. The Bible has everything that you need to know about God. This is what He left us with before joining our Creator in heaven. No matter what other people say, trust that His word is true. You may not have everything that you wish to possess in this world but as long as you have God, you have everything. That is all you’d ever need. I love you Mori, mahal na mahal kita anak.

Yours forever,



8 thoughts on “Mori’s 1st Easter

  1. I so admire you, Nanay! And I love your statement “I leave everything to faith. Faith that in Him and through Him, our family will remain fed and that Jesus will always put a roof over our heads.” This is all I need to read, I do hope I can quit my job and stay at home and work form home so I can take care of my little ones. Because you’re right, our children will walk their lives alone and I don’t want to waste time focusing on things less important than them – like money. God bless you and your lil family. I love your stories 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so touched with this post lalo na sa letter mo kay Mori. We were both saved by our kids. I got pregnant at 17 yrs old and my children made me and my husband mature, responsible and forgiving. If not for them, my life would be full of wrong decisions and artificial love. More power to you and your Pamilya Uytingco! God bless you always, Jennica! You inspire me a lot. You are one of the mothers that I look up to.

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