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Hulyo: The first of many more dolls.


It was a gloomy Wednesday morning and my toddler is getting cranky. She felt robbed of her daily task which is to water our plants. Rain just kept on pouring and there I was, fidgeting and biting my nails. How in the world are we going to successfully take photos of ‘Hulyo‘ in this weather?

My husband’s camera is all set and all I needed to do is collect all the needed props. I let out a deep sigh and went on with our usual rhythm in the home. I made breakfast, played some more with my toddler and by three o’clock in the afternoon, I started to nurse and rock her to sleep. When my daughter finally reached dream land, I silently tiptoed my way out of the bedroom. It was in that exact moment, when I caught a glimpse of the sun’s rays by our windowsill. ‘The Lord is good!’ I exclaimed. And so out we went!

God as my center, Hulyo on my right and the husband on my left. 

As it turned out, I have everything I need and more.


Marahuyo is an old tagalog word that means enchanted‘. 

In the land of Marahuyo, mankind and mystical creatures that are unseen in the naked eye of earthly beings coexist harmoniously.


Hulyo over here is a perfect example because he is harvested as a ‘human preemie‘. I say harvested instead of born because in Marahuyo, children comes from an exceptionally enormous tree called the ‘Tree of Life‘.


Unlike premature infants who are born a few months early on earth, Marahuyo Preemies can already walk with just very little practice!


It is impossible for them to be famished because they can easily climb trees for fruit and  go to the valley to harvest the season’s crops.


And if you think preemies climbing trees are amazing, wait till you see them with a horse!


They are able ride and reach the very peak of Marahuyo mountain with this strong animal.


Hulyo’s sweet and endearing personality makes the horse feel loved. He would caress the animals back and brush it’s coat, never forgetting to check if there are sticks and stones stuck in its hooves.


It is very common for preemies to get themselves in a lot of trouble even before they reach earth and so the God of the heavens give very specific instructions to the animals surrounding the land to ensure that the younglings are always safe and cared for.


A cat who has been looking after Hulyo since the day he was harvested from the tree checks Hulyo’s face for bruises and whatnots.

I can’t believe you’ve reached the peak of the mountains without asking permission from me! I could’ve climbed it with you if you’ve just informed me earlier. Now Hulyo my dearest, I want you to walk straight to your home and have something to eat before the sun rests and make way for the moon.



I will go back home, I will go back home… To my home, I shall go! Hulyo muttered repeatedly to himself.


As expected, Hulyo forgot what the cat asked of him for he saw a wasp getting a nectar from a shrub called Celosia.


Why hello! Are there any nectar left for me?



The wasp offered to share it with him and said:

It is crucial for you to eat a lot tonight for you will be traveling far as soon as you close your eyes and sleep tonight.


When a sleeping Marahuyo youngling is ready, an animal carries them on their back and travels far and wide to reach the deepest part of the land.


A place where a bed of shooting stars awaits for their next ‘delivery‘ to earth.


For a Marahuyo to be seen by a human’s naked eye, they turn into dolls when brought to the earth by a shooting star and only when they get to experience genuine love and care will they come back to life.


Hulyo will go to his new home in a basket that can be turned into his own bed on earth.


Blocks of wood were gathered by the cat to ensure that Hulyo will always have something to play with.


A wooden teething ring to soothe the preemie’s gums when the time comes that his teeth starts to come out.


Hulyo will also reach you with all the clothes that you’ve seen him wear. Upcycled organic cotton kimono, elven hat to keep him warm at night and the straw hat to keep him cool when the heat of the sun turns scorching hot!


His underwear is new and is made of the same hemp and bamboo blend fabric that I used back when I was sewing cloth diapers for my own child. It is very soft! I also made those white booties with an upcycled organic cotton fabric.


A sewing machine was NOT used to produce this doll. Everything, from the doll, down to the clothes that he will come with is hand sewn by me.

Hulyo’s skin is made of organic cotton from Egypt. His eyes are lovingly embroidered with GOTS Certified Organic cotton floss from Europe and the thread used to sew the seams of the doll together are made with four strands of Okeo-tex Certified thread from Germany to ensure durability. Just like the thread, the wool used to stuff Hulyo has the same certification and are guaranteed free from chemicals and pesticides. Hulyo’s hair is also made out of wool and is imported and made in Italy. 

By buying an enchanted doll from Manika Marahuyo, you are helping me live my dream of working from home so I can always be there for my family and helping me with my transportation fees and food expenses when I go out to do volunteer work for underprivileged children. 


PRICE: $320 US Dollars or P16,000 in Philippine Peso (shipping not included)


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