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Manika Marahuyo

Marahuyo Dolls are made with nature and a child’s overall health and wellness in mind. I only source from companies who treat workers, animals and the environment with utmost respect. I search far and wide in order to obtain the finest materials from all over the world to make my dolls but their garments and accessories if any, are an entirely different story. Upcycled, nature finds and vintage treasures, no matter how old and battered are hand washed in hot water and sun dried by me. Once they are clean and crisp, I welcome them as guests on my crafting table at home.

For the doll itself, I use new materials such as an organic cotton fabric from Egypt or the European made, thick and guaranteed chemical-free cotton from The Netherlands that is especially milled to be used as doll skin. My dolls are firmly stuffed with lambs wool that is guaranteed pesticide free from small farms in the United States and Osaka, Japan. For the hair, I use 100% wool from Italy, a 60% silk and 40% mohair blend from Japan or a wool and mohair blend from Germany. All the seams from head to toe are sewn with four strands of GOTS Certified Organic cotton thread from Europe to ensure the dolls durability. Eyes and mouth are lovingly embroidered by hand. The blush that I use to accentuate the cheeks and some parts of the body is an all natural and certified organic beeswax that is made in Washington.

To make the doll itself, I only use materials that has very high quality certifications such as the Okeo-Tex Certification to prove that it goes beyond any product’s organic claim, GOTS Certified Organic or Certified to the European Standard, EN71 which means the fabrics used to make the dolls are intended for infants and children to play with, because their dyes are 100% safe and free from chemicals.

My favorite process in doll making is when the head is already finished and I’ve already embroidered its expressive eyes and lips. That’s when I hear the doll telling me their own unique story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where to buy a handcrafted Marahuyo doll?

A: My dolls are sold through my store on Etsy.

Q: What are our payment options.

A: Paypal and BDO Bank Deposit only.

Q: Your dolls are so expensive! Do you give discounts?

A: Unless otherwise stated, the answer is no. I however, make exceptions for adults who wants a doll for themselves to help them heal from a loss of a child. I can make payment plans for custom orders of  an ‘Angel Baby’ so please do not hesitate to contact me.


I only make one doll per month.


It takes me four to ten weeks to finish a doll so no rush orders please.

If you would like to order a custom doll, please contact me at dearjennica@yahoo.com

If you are interested in purchasing a doll, you can find pictures, stories, and pricing details here on my Blog and Facebook.

Custom dolls take four to ten weeks to be created. We ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once the doll is ready for shipment, adoptive parent has three working days to settle full payment. If the adoptive parent doesn’t pay for the necessary fees on the allotted time frame, we have the consent to sell the doll to someone else without giving back their deposit.


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