Nursing with MOME

Other than MOME‘s new collection, I have something else to share!


I stopped using a nursing cover when Mori was 10 months old. That was around May of this year, 2016, when I got lots of nursing dresses from Mome. It allowed me to wear MOME all day, everyday, seven times a week! It was then that I realized that with a bunch of MOME nursing wear in my cabinet, Mori’s head is the only cover that I would ever need. It made the both of us more comfortable this way since there never came a time wherein I was a fan of nursing covers anyway. Maybe a big factor to why is because I didn’t like using one in the first place because of our tropical climate. It’s always summer in the Philippines!

By the way, I am wearing a Dolly Nursing Dress by MOME in the photo above, while Mori is wearing an organic dress that was given to her by her Lola Lisa last Christmas.


Look at how long my hair used to be before I had it chopped off at a salon! This photo is from a blog entry that I wrote about MOME before. If you haven’t read that yet, you may do so by clicking this link, Breastfeeding in Public? Bring it on!.

Now, if you are done reading my previous post about MOME, allow me to give you a sneak peak of their new collection!


It is difficult to shoot with a toddler that is why I am so happy that Tatay got to capture this photo of me with our precious little girl!


A closer look at MOME’s nursing shirt with print.

Friendly Tip: Do not iron directly on the print or it will smear! Turn the shirt inside out and use an iron on the wrong side instead.


MOME Robby Nursing Shirt in Egg Plant.


I personally like that the sleeves are long enough to hide my flabby arms. I should start exercising!


Robby Nursing Top is a 2 in 1 shirt. You can unravel the knot to make it longer. I wear it this way when I am wearing leggings.


Jessie Nursing Top in Brown by MOME


This is how the top looks like from the side.


And this is Mori trying to open the zipper so she can have milk!


My one and only successful photo of Mori while feeding because she wants to run around and play in the mud.


This Alice Dress in Tangerine is beautiful but I find it too short for my height. I am 5’7, so if you are tall like me, order it one size larger. This is a MOME bestseller!


Hannah Nursing Top in Berry by MOME


My awkward attempt at making myself look different and a tad bit pretty for our last layout.




Tadaaa! Nothing changed. HAHA!


Just like how a friend of mine often says, “Pak, awra!

Putting MOME’s Darling Maxi Nursing Dress a rest because this is now my current fave! Oh how I wish I have this in all colors. It is called Justine in Royal Blue. I get a lot of compliments from people when I am in this dress. ❤

P.S. Just like with any outfit, if you want to use it all-the-time, prolong its life by handwashing your nursingwear instead of just tossing it in the washing machine.

Nursing Bra

MOME also released a line of nursing bra. I picked two kinds. The Bethany, P600 and The Bella Nursing Bra, P700. Both are good but if you are on a budget and would only buy one, I’d choose Bella over Bethany. Get it in beige!

It is difficult for me to go to bed with a bra on but it happend so many times when I am wearing Bella Nursing Bra because it sooo comfortable! A must buy if you ask me.


That is all for today! Thank you for supporting my blog by visiting when you can.


Ready to order? Here are the links that you need. Happy Shopping!



Price List

Dolly Dress in Orange ~ P650

Hannah Nursing Top in Berry ~ P300

Robby Nursing Top in Egg Plant   ~ P400

Justine Dress in Royal Blue ! P650

Jessie Nursing Top in Brown ~ P450

Green Nursing Top with Print ~ n/a

Alice Nursing Dress in Tangerine ~ P450

Back of The House: Cooking Made EASY and FUN!


Unlike my mom who is superb in the kitchen, I on the other hand is the complete opposite. This is the reason why I am always on the lookout for budget friendly cooking classes that can be easily adapted in our home.

Before showing you photos from the class that I took, can I just share that I get distracted all the time because I have a classmate who is so good looking. As in gwapo talaga!


Aanhin mo ang pagkain kung ngiti pa lang busog ka na. #CHOS


We took the Cook-Wine-Dine class which taught us how to make warm apple cinnamon, romesco with crostini bread and my absolute favorite, gnocchi pasta from scratch!


I wasn’t expecting to like the romesco since I am not a fan of tomatoes but the one that we made is surprisingly good!


Now here is Master Chef Alwyn, he will share to us the secret in making crostini breads even yummier. First step is to apply olive oil liberally on both sides of the bread.


Once the pan is already hot, gently place the bread. Make sure that it is not overly crowded!


Tadaaa! Burnt crostini! HAHA! #Strike1


Now it is my turn to show you my cooking skills.


Fluffy, even in size and perfectly shaped gnocchi… Beautiful isn’t it? Hindi ko gawa yan.


This is the one that I made! Flat and unevenly shaped. #Strike2


This is me admiring the work of others. CHAR. That is me cheating. Hahaha! #Strike3


In the end, our dish didn’t just look appetizing, it turned out tasting really good too! My husband has been requesting that I cook this for him in our home many times already.


You’ve probably realized by now that your cooking skills won’t get enhanced with the guidance of me and my husband so I might as well lead you to the professionals! You may refer to the photo above for their available classes this month, exact venue and contact information.


  1. As I have mentioned earlier, I attend various cooking classes as much as I can and among all those that I have been to, only Back Of The House didn’t have a printed copy of the recipe given to the attendees. When I brought this to their attention, an email was sent to me with a copy of the recipe for all the three dishes that we made. So just in case you are like me who likes sticking to the recipe because meals don’t turn out good when we rely on tantsa, just let them know and  I’m sure they’ll send it to you via email as well.


  1. Back Of The House can easily be tracked through Waze.
  2. The chef managed to simplify each instruction which made it very easy to understand. He was light-hearted and made the whole cooking experience fun and enjoyable. He also mentioned “na wala sa itsura yan, nasa lasa”. This line helped me and my husband laugh off our mistakes.
  3. Unlike other kitchens that I’ve been to for a workshop, Back Of The House is well ventilated. I didn’t sweat at all! Take note that there were about 6 stations working simultaneously inside the kitchen. This is a big plus for me!
  4.  A great way to celebrate your next baby shower! If I get pregnant again, I think I’d like my baby shower to be held at Back Of The House. Instead of the usual baby shower games where guests would be blindfolded, fed spoon full of baby food and asked to guess what the ingredients are, I would rather have someone teach us to cook a healthy meal with the rest of my mommy friends. Since the holiday season is coming up, it might be a great idea to use the place as a gathering for groups. For more details about this, just send them an email and address your inquiries to Booboo.


And lastly, my 1 year old Mori-chan LOVED what her Tatay and Nanay made! An ingredient-concious mom like me reaps many benefits from attending workshops like this. We want our children to eat food that are made from scratch so that we have control over the ingredients that goes into it. Correct?

Thank you so much for having my family Back Of The House! Looking forward to participate in your future workshops.



Rejuvehair: Hair Center for The Natural Mom

Is it just me or are effective natural hair treatments just so difficult to find? No. I think that came out the wrong way. It should be… “How come natural hair treatments cannot compete with chemical laden treatments that are widely available in most salons?”

I’ll be quick to share that when Mori was still in my tummy, I went to my go to salon in Tomas Morato to have my hair blow dried for a an event. While my hair was being washed, my eyes was tearing up. Probably from the ammonia in the product that they use to color the hair of a different client? I am not sure. The overall scent of the salon made me dizzy. I asked that they transfer me to the second floor (where there were no clients) and while they happily obliged, it was in that moment that I decided to no longer come back for a  hair treatment and just settle with at home care tubs that are available in grocery stores. I thought… even if the product that they use isn’t applied to me directly because the mere action of breathing made me dizzy and my eyes turned red and started tearing up, the same scenario might be happening to my unborn child. Better sure than sorry right?

Just so you’ll have an idea on my hair type…

My hair is in its virgin state. Meaning, it is not treated with hair colorants and since I stopped accepting teleseryes because I don’t want to be away from my daughter for long periods of time, this means not having the need to use a flat iron to keep my hair in place! Surprisingly, despite my attempts to bring back my hair’s natural luster. It is still very dry. When Kyra, the Manager of Rejuvehair checked my hair. I even had dandruff (which I didn’t know I had) and hair fall. But honestly, what bothers me the most is the mark on my hair from always tying it up in a ponytail. It won’t go away! One time, I fought the urge to tie my hair for 5 days to check if it will straighten up but the mark from tying it up is still there.


My experience with Rejuvehair’s Signature Hair Treatment started with the therapist washing my hair with shampoo.


Once my hair was thoroughly cleaned, he massaged nourishing oil on my scalp.


This is how the concoction looks up-close. I was warned during my first visit, (this is my second session) that it has a foul smell but I am honestly not bothered by it at all. During my second visit, I actually liked the aroma that it emits. Think herbs and earthy undertone.


The Signature Hair Treatment of Rejuvehair is cold when applied to the scalp. According to my therapist, they keep the concoction in the fridge so that it will not spoil.


Reporting LIVE! An alien was found at 2F Sekai Center 368 Ortigas Ave. cor. Madison St. North Greenhills, San Juan City. (Yep! That’s the address of Rejuvehair.)


When every strand of my hair was coated with the herbal treatment, my therapist prepared the steamer. While waiting, I carried on with reading the magazine that they have provided while breastfeeding Mori.


Yes. I am breastfeeding in this photo and it feels so good to pamper myself and still have my baby around.  I don’t have to worry if the client next to me is having her hair colored, permanently straightened etc. because that means the room will smell bad from all the chemicals and eventually, Mori would inhale it and I’ll end up leaving the place sooner than I hoped. No guilt feeling right here!


They don’t use products with chemicals at Rejuvehair. Only a mixture of natural, herbal and organic ingredients. Heaven heard us fellow tribal mom!


Took a photo of my husband while he was softly humming so that Mori won’t wake up from her nap while I have my hair rinsed.

In order to see results, I highly suggest that you buy their special blend of shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and at home hair care treatment.


I was given a small bottle of their products during my first visit.

At first, I felt that it didn’t made any difference but when I left the bottles by accident  at the wet floor area of the hotel where my family and I stayed for a day, that’s when I realized that they actually work. When I went back for the products, someone already took it. 😦

I bought the biggest bottle on my second visit because I’d save more that way.

Here are their prices:

Shampoo – 100ml, P495. 250ml, 1,095.

Conditioner – 100ml, P395. 250ml, P895

Nourish Oil Blend – 30ml, P1,295.

Hair and Scalp Treatment – 120ml, P1,520


In case you’d like to have your hair treated, here is Rejuvehair’s Operating Hours:

Monday to Thursday – 10am to 8pm

Friday & Saturday – 10am to 9pm

Sunday – 11am to 7pm

Last call is 2 hours before closing.

You can also visit their website: Rejuvehair Herbal Solutions

You’re welcome! 😉

Breastfriends: A Guide to Breastfeeding

As the Breastfeeding Month comes to an end, I’d like to take this opportunity to answer some of the most asked questions that I get from my Facebook Group, Mori Mom Sisterhood on breastfeeding.

If you have been reading my entires for awhile now, you already know that I had a very rough start with breastfeeding. Looking back, I can say that it has caused me to be depressed for a certain season in my life as a mother. In order to recover from it, God used my good friend, Amrit to relay His message which is to not fear because as a  believer of Christ, the enemy has no control over me.

Not being able to feed through my left breast made me feel incompetent and powerless. I had no shirt on, both breasts are out. All she needs to do is suck for the milk to come out but no… For some reason the left breast is just not as good as the right breast. My left breast was already purple in color. My nipples were constantly bleeding. I can no longer move my left arm, the left side of my face is numb. The pain was excruciating but what hurt me the most was not being able to soothe and give the needs of my own baby. Mori’s loud, long and desperate cry for milk kept on echoing in my ear. It broke my heart and in my entire existence, it was the only time that I got so desperate and shouted the name of the Lord in prayer because I felt that He can no longer hear me.

It was around 3 or 4 in the morning, my husband and Mori is sleeping. I thought I’ll go insane. I shouted for help, “Lord! Lord!” It was all I could say. My husband, startled from his deep slumber awoke and consoled me right away by hugging me tightly and praying with me. Looking back to what exactly happend during that night, God actually made a way for me to know that He is right there with me! My newborn could’ve been awaken easily from my cry but she remained peacefully asleep despite my loud cry for help. This is the second time God proved to me that miracles still exists to this very day.

The following day, the Lord answered our prayers. He led me to professionals whom I consider my angels on earth.

The women behind my success in the breastfeeding department:


1. Nurse Joyce Zaragoza-Martinez

– Registered Nurse with Hospital and Community Care Background for 8years
– with Master of Science in Nursing degree major in Maternal and Child Nursing
– Trained and Certified by Healthy Children Project and Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice -USA as “Certified Lactation Counselor” (only those who completed and passed the certification process can use CLC and manage patients)
– Certified by International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners as “International Board Certified Lactation Consultant” (IBCLC)

Nurse Joyce hosts breastfeeding workshops once in awhile. My husband and I attended one of her classes when I was still pregnant. You can contact her through her mobile number or email to know the details of her next breastfeeding class. I highly suggest this workshop to all mommies because all of her insights and advices are on the dot.  Expecting moms will learn a lot from her while those who are currently facing difficulties in breastfeeding can book a one-on-one consultation. Nurse Joyce taught me different breastfeeding positions, positions that are preferred for certain concerns (plugged ducts, lumps etc.) Out of the many people that I hired to help Mori latch, Nurse Joyce was the only person who successful helped me with my breastfeeding problem.

Contact Details:


Viber or Text: 09176569233

Facebook Group: Best About Breastfeeding For Younglings (B.A.B.Y)


2. Nanay Estella Rivera-Perona

Unlike most mothers who has a problem with low milk supply, mine is the opposite. Because I tend to produce a lot of milk, I am prone to ‘engorgement’ which is a term used when a mother grows lumps or bukol (in filipino slang) in her breast. This is very painful and when not dealt with might immediately lead to ‘mastitis’.  Believe me, you wouldn’t want to experience it! Nanay Estella does lactation massage that is not painful. I repeat, NOT painful. Since I got to experience being massaged in the breast by different lactation massage therapists that claim to be experienced in the said field, I thought that being in pain when they massage my breast is normal when in truth, it isn’t! (Hindi dapat masakit ang lactation massage mga inay!) A good lactation massage therapist is patient, she takes her time by being gentle and slowly applies pressure so that you won’t squirm in pain. Nanay Estella is a master in this field and is praised by lots of moms from my Facebook Group, Mori Mom Sisterhood.

Contact Details:

Text or Call: 09071049670 or 09265494984

Tips for Mothers with Low Milk Supply:

1. Mother’s Milk Tea – available at Healthy Options.

2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Milk Tea – Available at Baby Mama PH.

3. Milk bombs by Bettina Carlos.

My Recommended Breast Pumps:

1. Medela Manual Breast Pump

I bought mine at The Parenting Emporium and I recommend buying it from them instead of getting yours from the department stores because they can help you pick the right size of breast shields so that expressing milk won’t be painful.

2. Spectra S1

It is an electric pump that is given to me by Baby Mama PH. Thanks to their gift, I came to experience the perks of using an electric pump compared to a manual pump. An electric pump is a must for working moms. It makes expressing milk so much easier. There was also a time where I lent my trusted Spectra S1 to a friend of mine who gave birth to her son prematurely. I asked how her experience was since she got to use it more frequently than I did. When she returned it to me, she said she really liked it and will eventually invest on getting from the same brand. Baby Mama PH also has an actual store. Just like The Parenting Emporium, they can assist you in picking the right breast shield size. You may also reach them through their Instagram. They also have a manual pump that is only P900.

The difference of Extended Breastfeeding and Fullterm Breastfeeding:

To simply put it, extended breastfeeding is nursing your child past their first year of life. On the other hand, full term breastfeeding means nursing your child from 2-8 years old. In short, the mother lets the child decide when he or she chooses to no longer feed from the breast.

Why I chose to breastfeed, full term:

The way the Lord designed breastmilk to be is just amazing. It has antibodies that no formula milk could ever imitate. These antibodies help an infant avoid diseases in various ways. With that being said, I hope it gives you an idea on why I am choosing to breastfeed until Mori decides that she no longer wants to. If you come to think of it, our toddlers need our breastmilk even more since as they grow they are more exposed to viruses that can come from different forms. Aside from this, I can really tell that Mori finds my breast comforting. She sleeps better when nestled on my breast. If she gets hurt from playing, gets nervous or scared..there is nothing that my breast cannot fix! Breastfeeding is an instant mood changer. No matter the chaos in the environment, when I offer it to Mori, it gives her the familiarity of calmness which in the ends makes her feel that the world is a peaceful place.

Other tips that may come in handy:

1. Always, always feed on both breasts. During the first 3 months of Mori’s life, I’d wear a ponytail on my wrist so that I’d know which side I last fed.

2. Do not sleep on your side or on your tummy if you are prone to engorgement. You don’t want to put “pressure” in the breast. I happen to have mastered the art of sleeping on my back because when I sleep on my side, I wake up with lumps and plugged ducts!

3. If you have an engorgement, use cold compress.

4. Warm compress stimulates the breast to produce more milk. Never use hot compress, only warm and always finish off with a cold compress when baby is done feeding.

5. Bras with wire on them can cause a breastfeeding mother to have lumps on the breast. This can be painful so invest on a comfortable nursing bra with no wire. If budget is tight, bandeus works great and costs so much cheaper when bought from SM Department Store.

To summarize everything, breastfeeding is a challenging task so prepare and educate yourself. Do not be surprised when your husband takes a photo of you while breastfeeding and the result is hideous when compared to photos that we see online of breastfeeding mothers. It will only be like that in the beginning. It won’t hurt forever and it will get better in the coming months. On my end, at 5 months, the pain when nursing is already very minimal. Now, at 1 year and 1 month even if Mori bites my nipple from time to time it does not hurt anymore! Hahaha! 🙂

Whew! That was a long post, ano? Please share to your friends who are having difficulties in breastfeeding. Be their angel!

Happy Breastfeeding Month!




Athena Mori’s 1st Birthday Celebration


I was smiling from ear to ear while browsing the photos that our friends from Image Savvy took. Indeed, these are captured memories that we will forever treasure. I will try my best to share to you the preparations that we have gone through and how the celebration started and ended. Shall we?


As a kid, when I knew that my Mama don’t have work but she is not in her bedroom… There is always a gush of excitement because there is a big chance that she is cooking in the kitchen. My Mama cooks really delicious food. It’s just perfect to have the celebration at her restaurant! Mori’s Godparents said they would come back for the ‘kare-kare’ and cordon bleu. They loved Mama’s specialties just like I do.


My husband, Alwyn and I have been together for 6 years now but I only gave him a party once and it never happened again up to this very day. Planning a party is not my forte but God proved that He already knew that even before I figured it out. I believe this is the reason why He gave me friends who are blessed with artistic skills, are generous with their time and always willing to give a hand! A week before the celebration, I asked the Ninongs and Ninangs to come over at Mama’s house to make crafts by hand.

For the banderitas, we used fallen tree branches and colored paper. The blue heirloom table on the left had few photographs of Mori when she was born. Resting on the edges are candles, flowers and an organic birthday cake that I especially made the night before for my bambina.


My Mama surprised us by placing mason jars on the each of the table to act as a center piece. Inside are sand, twigs and leaves. The ribbon that is dangling on the bottom of the lid is twine.


Each of Mori’s friends were given a small pouch that was a generously given to us by Arteegram Manila.


The pouch contains two pots and a few bag of seeds for the children to plant when they get home.


Mori’s 2 years old cousin Hailie Bunny planted the seeds with the guidance of her mom the following day.


After a few days, his mom, Rylie sent me this photo and made us extremely happy!


This on the other hand is taken from a different garden. Look at how the tree spirit sits comfortably in his tiny little home! How it makes my heart melt. Brave little Zion must have watered it daily.

Each of the clay pots were lovingly made by hand by Anna Criselda.


Aside from Mama’s specialty ulams like ‘bopis’, ‘kare-kare’, cordon bleu, carbonara and ‘bangus’… We also served fresh fruits and vegetables.


For dessert, cupcakes were given as gifts to Mori by Crave and Bake.


“Are they telling me to smash the cake?”


And just when everyone thought Mori would get her hands on the cream cheese frosting… She playfully picked the wooden tree instead!


“Nom nom nom! Tasty!”


“Why are they still looking at me?”


“But… But… But I don’t want to smash the cake. :(“




This my friends, is how Mori looks when she needs rescuing.

Mama and I held her close to us to calm her down. I was hoping she would do a cake smash  and have it caught on video but she wasn’t comfortable so we didn’t push her. After all, this is her day. We want it to go smoothly and be an enjoyable experience for her.


On that same day, we also dedicated the life of my bambina to the Lord.


Alwyn and I were very careful in picking who to entrust to be our child’s Ninong and Ninang. It is not about the material thing that they could give Mori from that day on forward… We picked these men and women of God because we wanted Godparents who would give a sound advice that is based on scripture when the time comes that Mori asks them for help.


They are our brothers and sisters who would stand with us in praying that through Jesus Christ, Mori would be able to live up to her name. In Hebrew, the name Mori means “God is my Teacher”.


Mama’s restaurant was filled with immediate family members and Mori’s godparents.


My Daddy Koji whom I dearly love even flew from Japan so that he could be with Mori on her special day.


A beautiful photo of Mori and her Ninong Christian who just migrated in the United States a couple of days ago. We are saddened that he is now far from us but nevertheless, distance wouldn’t make our relationship with him falter.


‘Lolo’ Jigo having a moment with his ‘apo’ before the puppet show starts.


‘Tita’ Malou started the puppet show with a lighting of the candle.


As the story was being told… Mori and the rest of the children sat comfortably on a ‘banig’ with soft and cushy pillows that were given to Mori by Arteegram Manila.


This is the part where baby Mori puppet met her ‘Nanay’ Jennica and her ‘Tatay’ Alwyn in her dream.


Overall, my husband and I chose to have a puppet show as a form of entertainment for the children instead of the usual magicians, parlor games, clowns and the likes. Because when a puppet show is conducted by a professional who captures a child’s interest through her  calm demeanor and talent… It creates a serene atmosphere which helps the children relax. Moms who have toddlers know how hard it is when their child gets over-stimulated. They turn grumpy and the only solution would be to put them to sleep.


It was a success! Mori loved the puppet show! I can tell because there is a sparkle in her eyes that will stay in my husband and I’s memory forever.

The story that I picked is about God and Mori being together in heaven before she was born. When it was time for Mori to spend her human years in our loving arms, God whispered that He will always, always be with Mori all the days of her life. This is the truth that I want Mori to hold on to. She is saved and loved and no matter what happens… The Holy Spirit will always lead her to the light.


Athena Mori Uytincgo, 1 year old and a Princess in the eyes of her Heavenly Father.

Happy Birthday Anak!

For your reference, here are our list of suppliers:

Food and Venue – Jean’s Manila at Don Alejandro Roces Ave. Corner Mother Ignacia Ave.     Quezon City.

Cotton Pouch – Arteegram Manila

Pillows – Arteegram Manila

Clay Pots – Anna Criselda

Cupcakes – Crave and Bake

Photographer – Facebook . Image Savvy . Telephone Number: 729 48 94

Puppet Show – Malou Medrano. Email me at for bookings.



Mori Mom Sisterhood’s 1st Seminar

As of June 8, 2016, Mori Mom Sisterhood is already one month old and with over 2,000 members. If you are already a member of the sorority, Happy Monthsary to us Momma! ❤


In celebration of the sorority’s first month, I came up with a seminar dedicated to Pregnant Women and Parent’s with babies 0-1 year of age.

Program Flow


To appreciate the program further, here is a short description of each topics listed so that you’ll have an idea on what to expect.

  • Nature’s Design for Infant Care

This is a broad topic that will discuss bed sharing, baby carrying, teething, recommended toys and so on. To simply put it, we will look at the roots of how mothering once were during the old times and how we could still apply those in today’s fast and busy society.

  • Natural Infant Hygiene

Overwhelmed with the idea of a newborn baby using the toilet? Don’t know how and when to start? That is exactly what I am here for! Natural Infant Hygiene (NIH) is an ancient practice that has served both babies and mothers way before diapers were invented. This is the method that we used that is why Mori is already wearing organic cotton panties full time at 9 moths old. The handout that will be given to you at the seminar includes a step by step process to guarantee success.

  • Wholesome Nutrition

I am not a nutritionist nor do I have a background on child medicine but since one of the questions that I get asked a lot is about the food that I give Mori, I decided to include it in the program. Join me as I share to you the Pediatrician-Approved list of food and recipes that I prepare for Mori ever since she turned 7 months old, the ‘mistakes’ that I did that caused her to have diarrhea and the supplies that I bought to make meal times safe and fun for the whole family!

  • Holistic Beauty and Wellbeing

Cheers to the all the mom’s who dreams of having a break from the kids and longs a peaceful lunch date with a friend but finds herself still talking about “child related stuff” once she gets there. Can I get an “Amen” there sister? In this topic, we will explore the matters of a ‘Mother’s Heart’. I will discuss the ways on how a mom can still feel good about herself despite the challenges that motherhood brings and which beauty product to toss and what products to keep.

  • Circle Time

Next to Natural Infant Hygiene, this is definitely what I am looking forward to next. The venue of the seminar will be held at the restaurant of my mom. It can accommodate 50 people but the reason why I am only allowing 10 mothers per batch is because I want the seminar to be intimate. I’ll be hosting a seminar throughout the year and I will try my very best to keep the number this way. My goal is for the attendees to go home feeling renewed, equipped and confident. With just 10 mothers in a room, the chances of exchanging digits and being friends once they step out the door is bigger. We already know by now that motherhood is indeed tough that is why it would be great to find support from mothers who is also going through or know what you are going through. Circle Time allows an open discussion. Parents are given time to share why they chose to attend the seminar and ask questions. I believe every single mother has her own expertise so anyone who has an advise are encouraged to chip in. I would love to learn from you as well.

The Venue



A Jean’s Manila best-seller,  bopis for only P150. 

Jean’s Manila is a Neighborhood Resto and Cafe that offers Filipino food at an affordable price. Seminar attendees may order and eat while the program is ongoing or arrive early and have lunch before the program starts. It is up to you!


They also have pizza at Jean’s! ❤

I have decided to join the seminar to eat, I mean, to learn! How do I get a slot?

Email your answered form to

MAIN CONCERN FOR ATTENDING: (Refer to the ‘Program Flow’ above for your choices, please pick your “Top 2” concerns only)
REGISTERING FOR: 1ST BATCH (June 25, 2016) / 2ND BATCH (June, 26, 2016)

The form will serve as your ‘official reservation slip’. This is the only way for those interested to get a slot.


To ensure the reservation of your slot, deadline of payments is on JUNE 13, 2016.
Payments must be settled in FULL via cash deposit. (Bank account details will be sent to the email that you have provided.)


Mori and I are looking forward to meet you, goodbye for now!



What Lies In My Heart

I am going to make this quick and no longer do a grammar and spell check so please overlook whatever mistake and misspelled word you’ll stumble upon.

It is 12 midnight as I type these words and I won’t wait for  another day to pass by because if I do, I might not share what I have to say altogether.

As I was preparing for the first seminar of Mori Mom Sisterhood this coming June on Natural Mothering, I found myself in an argument with my husband as soon as he got home from work. I overslept for an hour during the day and asked him to take good care of Mori while I catch up on a much needed sleep.

I no longer remember the exact time I slept the day before, I just knew that the sun was peeking through our windowsill when I laid in the middle of my husband and Mori.

My husband was bothered about me oversleeping. He felt that I needed to check if my priorities are still in line.

I was taken aback. I felt accused and unappreciated in an instant. In my head were a jumble of different words that would sound something like, “Really? Everyday, I do the laundry, I bring Mori with me wherever I go… I dismiss the pain of wearing her the entire day just so I could finish the chores that needed to me done around here. The never ending pile of laundry… In the kitchen when I cook Mori is with me, outside the home when I water the plants Mori is still with me, either she is on my back or on her chair while I sing and dance my way out of making her believe that waiting for Nanay is F-U-N.  This is the exact same scenario that I am in whether I am mopping the floor, feeding or removing the poop the cat’s litterbox. I mean hello, Mori is even with me when I go to the toilet just so i could relieve myself! And here I was.. I overslept for an hour. One hour! And it is not like I do it everyday and this is what I get from him? “I should get my priorities in check?!

I thought my heart would break into pieces.

Even now as I type this, I could still feel the lump in my throat and the pain in my heart.

After our exchange of sentiments I took Mori in my arms and went straight to where the dirty clothes gets washed. I even told him to cook his own food (which he did) and I really regret saying those words now that I have come to my senses. My husband doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment from me.

And so I did what I should have initially done in the first place… It was to talk to God.

As I opened my Bible I felt so ashamed. How could I even talk to the Lord when I was being the opposite of being Christ-like. I could see the exact place where I stood from our bedroom. I see myself mouthing the words but I can no longer pinpoint what I said exactly because everything is now a blur. Even if I couldn’t see God with my own eyes and could only remember where I stood and where my husband sat… I know God is with us in the room. He was in our bedroom earlier, he is still here in our home as I type this and yes, the Lord will still be here in the coming days. The Lord is in our hearts and will always be with my family.

When I prayed to the Lord and opened my Bible, He directly led me to His response.

Matthew 5:13 and 16 says we Christians are the salt of the earth. Therefore we should demonstrate our faith in Christ through acts of love and service.

That was it! It wasn’t just me not being in line with my priorities. It was about me doing acts of service to my family because I knew I had to… When all along it should be, I am doing this act of service to my family because I am sharing my faith with the Lord through my hands as well as my lips. I should do things out of my love for them and not because: “ay kailangan walang yaya eh!” I have to, we have no nanny/household help.

I was skeptical about sharing this story since it is a private matter between me and my husband but I thought maybe there is someone out there who is going through the same thing like me. You might be confused as to why you and your husband is arguing or constantly arguing about something.

It will be of big help… The only help that you will need actually is just to lift it up to the Lord.

Even if the words that come out from the mouth of our husband’s offend us in some way, let us try to look into it. There might be a truth to what they are saying and the only reason why we can’t accept it is because pride is getting in the way.

If you are not used to praying to Jesus but you want to start praying to the Lord today, I’ll be sharing my prayer tonight and you can just simply pray it with me…

My Dearest Lord,

A God who has eyes for me and see’s me to be more precious than rubies (Proverbs 3:15)… How have I wronged a God like you? Forgive me for my wrong doings. You gave me lips to nurture, enlighten and encourage but I have used mine to hurt the person that you entrusted me to love all the days of my life. Help me Lord to never again lose sight of what my purpose is to my family. As you uphold me with your righteous hand, may you give me  the strength (Isaiah 41:10) that I need to make it through each day with peace and joy in my heart. I love you Lord and I am forever grateful for your forgiveness of my sins.

In Jesus name we pray,