The Truth About Natural Infant Hygiene

There are 2 articles that I’ve been seeing on my Facebook feed for days now. It’s about the ‘Dangers of Early Potty Training’. I tried my best to let it go and not join the ongoing debate in the comments section between moms who are Pro and Anti-Natural Infant Hygiene especially since the man who wrote the article is a Pediatric Urologist but it got me thinking… Why should I be afraid to speak my mind when I know in my heart that I chose this path for my child because the practice is nurturing, loving, trust building and natural? The exact opposite of what most people of today look at NIH (Natural Infant Hygiene). I am from the Philippines and not all my countrymen are aware of Natural Infant Hygiene. It is often frowned upon and misunderstood. I am a Certified Natural Infant Hygiene Consultant by Go Diaper Free and my NIH and Potty Training classes for the year are already set. If I will keep my thoughts in the boundaries of my classes and Private Group, who will defend my advocacy against these speculations?

Instead of answering concerns and questions one by one, I will give my very best in answering all of them through this article.

Just like with breastfeeding. The extended breastfeeding mom is not better than the formula feeding mom. Nor is the mom who makes sure their child gets vaccinated on time when compared to the mom who chooses not to vaccinate at all. The exact same thing applies with Natural Infant Hygiene.

Here are the 2 articles that I’ve mentioned earlier:

Dr. Steve Hodges on Potty Training

The Dangers Of Potty Training Too Early (Dr. Steve Hodges)

Now, before showing articles that is a rebutall to Dr. Hodges statements, I’d like to share my personal take on the matter first.

If you will read the first article that I shared carefully, Dr. Hodges message is more about poor diet and constipation than early potty training. It is a sad reality that just because he is a doctor, whatever it is that he says is automatically considered a fact when their truth is not all doctors have the same approach towards potty training.  Just like with breastfeeding, there will be doctors who would ask their patients to stop nursing if the mom is sick and recommend a particular formula milk but then there will be doctors who would advise to continue breastfeeding because the mother’s quality of milk is not lessened because of her sickness. It is the exact same thing with NIH. There will be doctors who would vouch for NIH (Natural Infant Hygiene) and there will be those who choose to not see the benefits of it.

Both articles are clearly about bad potty training and mind you, there are so many methods. In both articles from the same author, it’s been generalized to the point that moms who are successful at NIH (child is already potty trained before their first birthday for example) are easily shamed. His statement that “Anyone under 3 can’t tell you when they need to go so they hold it” is a proof that he doesn’t have a first hand experience on how NIH is practiced. I’d also like to point out that in his article, he is basically saying that once a child is already potty trained, the decision on when to eliminate will be entirely up to them. This is something that I strongly disagree with. Even if their sons and daughters are already 18 years of age, they are of no exception. When a family goes for a long drive, they are remind them to use the restroom because the next acceptable receptacle area might take awhile. If you’d compare it to eating it’s like saying, “If you teach your child to eat on his own early in his life, he will starve to death because he will eventually forget to eat.” That won’t happen to the child correct? Because as a responsible parent, you will be present to parent around the subject, always making sure that the needs of your child is being met. Not all mothers all over the world has access to diapers but their sons and daughters do not pee all over them. How do you think that’s possible? It is through Natural Infant Hygiene, Dr. Hodges.

I’d also like to share that before writing this, I had a conversation about the matter with my good friends because one of them shared this article, ‘The Dangers of Potty Training Early’ on their newsfeed. I asked their permission if I could share how our healthy conversation went and thankfully, they agreed so here it is:

Angela wrote: “I wanted to do EC (Elimination Communication) with my kid after he was born, but wasn’t able to do so because he consistently peed or pooped a few seconds into breastfeeding, and I didn’t want to take him away from the breast to potty train him. Now that he’s some months away from 2 years old, I’m starting to look into the potty training conversation again. One side says to start at age 2 or 3, while some say to start later and let the child initiate the potty training themselves. If you have already potty trained your kid, remember to give them many chances throughout the day to use the toilet. Don’t wait for your kid to let you know since most kids would rather hold in pee or poop instead of interrupting their play. If you are like me, still deciding when is the right time, then this article will give you confidence in delaying until your child asks you to teach him or her. The author, a pediatric urologist, says it’s fine to wait several years to allow the bladder and rectum grow bigger.” While another friend, Bonnie left a comment and said: “We were supposed to start potty training but Sean is giving out signs that he doesn’t want to. He is already 2.5 years old. Although sometimes he verbally tells me that he wants to poop but the truth is he will only pee. He doesn’t like it when he is not wearing a nappy. There was a time wherein I took his nappy off and told him that if you have to poop or pee tell me okay? After while, he started eliminating (pee) and then he got afraid because he got wet. It was as if he got traumatized so since then, he doesn’t like it when I don’t put a nappy on him on. I didn’t want to force him to hold it if he needs to go just for the sake of training him. I know of babies that’s already potty trained as early as 1. But I think Sean is still not ready. Oh well…”

This was my response to them:

Natural Infant Hygiene is my advocacy so I’d like to share some things that I believe is often overlooked or misunderstood. The “readiness” issue has been going on since 1962. It started with this one study that says “Wait til the child is ready and take it slow. Let the child lead this process.”  A note on the date of publication, it was 1962 just a year or 2 after disposables were invented. Disposable Diapers were invented on 1959, patented on 1961. Makes sense? Readiness is a myth created by diaper companies which was associated with a pediatrician in 1962 and was promoted by T.berry Brazelton, head of the Pampers Institute. Also, according to New York Times in the year 1999, 92% of children in 1957 were toilet trained by 18 months (1 year and 6 months) before disposable diapers were invented in 1957.  This means almost 100% of children were Potty Trained between 9-18 months which is why I strongly believe that if the children were capable then, they are definitely still capable now. Babies are born signalling. I refrain from using the term infant potty training because it can easily have others raise their eyebrows on the matter. I think what most people in today’s generation does not know is how Natural Infant Hygiene is gentle and that having a potty trained child is simply the inevitable outcome of giving opportunities for the child to use the potty instead of allowing them to use a diaper as their walking toilet from birth. If I were to describe Natural Infant Hygiene or Elimination Communication as you call it in one sentence it would be, “Lovingly changing a child’s diaper as soon as they soil themselves.” That’s it. If you will come to think of it, how come the mothers in the mountains are able to keep themselves dry despite their child being close to their bodies all day? How come in the year 1957, our moms are already toilet trained between 12-18 months? Did our grandma’s “trained” them to use the potty? They didn’t because there was no waterproof cover, they had no choice but to change into a fresh nappy as soon as baby wets themselves or else they will have a puddle on the floor. They had a bowl/potty/arinola ready and would assist the baby there. The child eventually gets it that “oh pee goes in the potty” without the pressure, reward (cookie, stickers etc.) or even consequences for not using the potty. This is the reason why between 9-18 months of age, the babies of 1957 are already potty trained. I ask my clients who are wary to ask their grandparents, “what age did mom started using the potty?” They’d answer, “Oh I don’t quite remember but I could certainly recall that they already know how to use the potty before their first birthday.” When asked about the “process or steps” they went through  to achieve this, they’d indicate the steps that are followed and encouraged when practicing Natural Infant Hygiene. It’s just that, our grandparents do not know that it is how millenials or the people of today call it. Angela, you’ve mentioned that your baby would pee a few seconds after breastfeeding. This is why if a parent would really look into NIH they would know that they could put a tabo/small bowl/wide mouthed mason jar or an empty ice cream tub in between their legs to catch the pee while baby is in a cradle hold so that the bonding between breastfeeding is not interupted and that respect to the child’s space is honored. NIH   is very beautiful. I am smiling while typing this because I remember the days when my own daughter was still so small and we were doing what I just mentioned while in a rocking chair at my mother in law’s house in Marikna. There is absolutely no force required in the process of NIH. People around me would often wonder why my daughter, Mori, is not a cry baby back when she was still very small and I would always give the credit to NIH. Because of it, I was able to get the full trust of my newborn infant. I can tell from her eyes that she is confident that Nanay (Mommy) knows when I am hungry, Nanay knows when I am sleepy, I have a kabag (air in the stomach), I am not feeling well and not just that! My Nanay (Mommy) also knows when I have to use the potty. She is beaming with confidence and that confidence overflowed to me as well. There is more peace in the home because even before the whining starts it has been taken good care of. I understood early on that the need for an infant to cry is not present when the needs of an infant is met on a timely manner and with Bonnie’s situation, her son’s reaction when he urinated and wet himself is very common for his age. It is very understandable because his diaper is the only acceptable receptacle area that he knew since birth. Now I am not saying that “okay, everyone must practice NIH or this is the only correct way or best way.” We all know that there no one perfect way to parenting. I just had to share because it is my heart’s desire that people all over the world, not just the Philippines would know that they have another option aside from using disposables or cloth nappies. That there is also such a thing as NIH and clearly, it is not a new trend and that the best thing about it is that it’s benefits goes way beyond the parent and child but also flows down to mother earth. It is the exact same practice that our grandparents have been doing way before disposable diapers came into the picture.

If you are wondering how my well meaning friends responded afterwards, Bonnie said maybe she is just lost in the process. Not knowing the how to’s really and would like to attend one of my classes since her child is already 2 years old to know more about NIH while Angela whose son is a few months away from turning 2 chose to lean more on waiting for his child to initiate. She’d rather wait for her child to see her using the toilet and if he shows interest, she would explain it to him but if not then that is fine too.

In the end, Bonnie opened her heart to the idea of NIH, which I am grateful for. While Angela, a mother who I truly admire since the day I first met her chose a different path.

The point is, it is very easy for mothers to feel guilty or lacking in some areas when it comes to raising their child so when defending NIH I am very careful with my choice of words because no you are not wrong if your heart tells you that you should wait a little longer but if you choose to start now, even if it means starting from the day your child is born, then that is okay too. It is a practice that has been going on for 100,000 of years and you are not in any way damaging your child psychologically or physiologically in the process.

If you’d like to know more about my advocacy, I have classes that’s already set for the year in Metro Manila.

Our next Natural Infant Hygiene (for babies 0-18 months) and Potty Training Class (18 months and up) is this coming April 23, 2017. That’s a Sunday and would last from 1:30PM-5:00PM at The Parenting Emporium in New Manila, Quezon City. To secure yourself a seat, email us at

For Provincial areas, if you can form a small group of people who can commit into attending, send us an email at so we can work something out.

Stay updated by liking our Official Page:

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Articles that advocates Natural Infant Hygiene:

Jamie Glowacki, Author and Advocate for Children Response To Dr. Hodges Claims

Moorea of Savvy Parenting Support

Books that tackle how other cultures handle pottying from infancy today and during the olden times:

The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff

Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapated To Modern Living by Laurie Boucke


Fashion: Dressed In 5

My life changed when I married my husband. And just when I thought that was the biggest change in my life, out comes Mori into our lives, giving me yet another taste of life’s  pleasures.

There happened  to be big responsibility attached when having a family and worrying about my physical appearance everyday could be the least of my priorities.

1 Samuel 16:7 says, But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

I’ve hold on to this verse for as long as I could remember to the extent that I didn’t even bother putting a little make up on even if the celebration or event requires of it.

I am so confident about my husband’s faithfulness towards me to the point that most of the time, I don’t even bother brushing my hair before leaving the house. Ironing my clothes before I wear them is not even an option for me due to the pressure of time and despite my effort to prepare early, still, I couldn’t find enough time to beautify myself.

Yes, God called me to have discernment over what’s important in my life, to set my priorities and to have a heart like of Jesus. But that doesn’t say that I have the right to give little importance of myself and not to look presentable. In fact, my husband and I discussed how crucial for public figures like us to look decent in public. God gave me an impression early this year, that when I present myself to other people, I am not just Jennica, the wife of Alwyn. Nor am I only a mom to Mori.

I am first and foremost the daughter of the one true God, Jesus Christ.

This is what inspired me to still take good care of myself, to nurture myself not just spiritually and emotionally, but also physically as I represent Jesus wherever I go.

Because of this, I tweaked our rhythm in the home a little bit. It was so sweet to hear Jesus tell me that it is not a sin to also want some things for myself even if I am already married and with a child… I pushed myself to visit my dermatologist every once in a while. Since we came back from our Japan trip, I booked myself a massage and it felt really good! Next week, I intend to start a new routine, doing yoga practises at home during Mori’s afternoon naps.

One thing I discovered recently is my wardrobe. I took some time to reassess it and now I am planning to revamp my closet. This gives me more reason to share to all of you why I am writing this blog.
With no time to spare on choosing the right clothes to wear everyday, 5 Minutes shop gave the answer to my current fashion problems.


Brand Statement

We understand the amount of time and effort you put when getting dressed. Our goal is to give you a working closet that can be relied on to get you out the door in 5 minutes while still looking chic and put together. Time to invest in staples that work well with anything, anytime, anywhere.









5 Minutes. A clothing line with classic and timeless pieces. Beautiful right? These are kind of staples that you’d want in your closet. Damit na hindi namimili ng occasion. You can wear it to the mall but you can also wear it during special occasions. Would look fabulous either way. I was just supposed to share the photos but as usual, my madaldal self kicked in once more and started sharing my most recent learnings and realizations. It is just so easy to feel guilty when your a mom, correct? I just want you to know that you are not the only one! Whether you are a stay at home or you work full time, breastfeeding or formula feeding, cloth diapering or using disposables… You are doing great. Next to God, there is no one who could give your child the best kind of love but YOU.  Breathe Momma,  you are not being unfair when you choose to do things for yourself. You are doing the best that you can and continue doing that one day at a time. When your baby is big enough, he or she would tell you how grateful they are for having a mom like you.

Big Hug,




INSTAGRAM: @shop5minutes

FACEBOOK: Shop5Minutes


Homemade Tea And Healthy Snacks In 15 Minutes

I never thought I’d value time more than I do now that I am a mother. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, there are just so many things that needs to be done!

I’m the type of mom who easily gets guilty when I give food that is not meant to nourish the body and just meant to fill the stomach. Sometimes, I’m just left with no choice because the restaurants around with healthy choices are expensive and out of our weekly budget or I failed to prepare food before leaving the house.

Because of this, I decided to be creative and purposely think of ways on how I can prepare healthy snacks with very little time. So here’s a healthy recipe that will only take 15 minutes of your precious time!


3 Organic Bananas

3 Cups of Hot Water

1 Organic Corn/Purple Corn

1 Free Range and Organic Egg

1 Organic Carrot

Optional: Organic Cinnamon Powder


  1. Before anything else, place hot water in a cooking pot and put to boil.


The peels of regular bananas are full of pesticides. If you are not using organic bananas for this recipe, please remove its peel. When choosing bananas, you’d want to get the ones with lots of black spot or batik in tagalog instead of the smooth, evenly shaped and  perfectly yellow in color variety.

2. Wash the organic bananas in running water and cut its ends.

3. Do the same with the egg and corn, wash them in running water. I chopped the corn into three because my cooking pot is small but doing so is not necessary.

3. Once the water is already boiling, add the bananas and corn, notice that I included the corn husk? This will add flavor to your tea for later. I forgot to take a photo but this is also the perfect time to add in your carrots or whatever vegetable you have available. It can be broccoli or sweet potato. Whatever floats your boat really.

4. Close the pot with its lid and start putting your timer for 13 minutes.

5. After 5 minutes I remove the carrots and place them in a glass plate to cool. After 10 minutes, its the bananas turn then finally, the corn at 13 minutes. Include the 2 minutes preparation time (washing the produce and cutting the ends) that is a total of 15 minutes! Hooray! About the water used to boil everything, that will be you and your toddler’s tea. Walang tapon! Sprinkle cinnamon powder if you want to spike up your tea. Do not overdo it though or it might taste awful.

P.S. If you have more time to spare. i.e. You are so ready to dash out the door but hubby decided he’ll use the bathroom first or hubby is taking forever to get his stuff in his bag. Like seriously, who needs guidance and help? The toddler or the hubby? I. Am. Kidding. I won’t ask my husband to proof read this entry for obvious reasons. But just in case he gets to see this: “Hi Mahal! I love you!” ❤

As I was saying, if you happen to have 10 more minutes in your hands. You want to leave out about 2 inches of Banana and Corn Tea then boil the egg in it. 10 minutes for a well done yolk then shorter if you want the yolk to be a little bit runny. The egg which is is packed with good fats and high protein that aids in good eye sight and strong bones is now also infused with all the benefits of Banana and Corn Tea!

Speaking of which, the benefits of organic banana and organic corn tea are so plenty but I don’t want to bore you so I’m just going to share my personal reason on why I just love this combo. The banana tea helps me and Mori get a good night’s sleep. When she is sick I make sure that I make her drink about half a cup before I nurse her to bed. If you don’t like the taste of Chamomile Tea (popularly known for its natural ability to help you doze off) then give banana tea a try. Now adding the corn was an experiment! I didn’t see a recipe anywhere in the internet that you should add corn but there was a time wherein I was really in a hurry and since I am also making corn and steaming a few vegetables, I just tossed everything together and it turned out wonderful!

By the way, organic purple corn has more antioxidants than blueberries! I am so happy we have access to this kind of corn locally. Perfect snack (not sticky, easy to remove fallen bits from shirt or carpet) and adds so much flavor to a regular beef nilaga.


Lastly, since this post is inspired by our recent trip to Tokyo, I’ll include the other snacks that I brought with us! As you can see from the photo above, there is a ziplock bag with two biscuits, unsweetened coconut flakes and freeze dried fruits like mango, banana and edamame.

I find it essential to always have our glass bottle with us. I can order a smoothie or hot chocolate from Starbucks and have it placed here instead of their styro or a paper cup. It feels good in knowing that we are doing our part in trying to save the earth while being good to our body.


I failed to take a photo of their respective packagings so I Googled them for you instead. These are not individually packed so you might want to to place them in ziplock bags to maintain freshness.


I love this brand! I hope they’ll stay true to their promise. It tastes really good too!

Placing them in small ziplock bags also gives me awareness on how much Mori had already consumed. I had a one bag per day policy. We did not have an access to a kitchen and these snacks are way better compared to what we can grab from a convenience store. It only lasted while we were in Tokyo. Now that we are home, we are back to me baking bread, homemade spreads and serving fresh fruits for snacks.


Homegrown Organics – Organic Banana, Organic Corn and Organic Carrots.

Echo Store – Unsweetened Coconut Flakes that by the way, the birds also loved. HEHE!

Healthy Options – Egg, Biscuit and Freeze Dried Fruits.

Baobao Babies – Glass Bottle with Straw.



Travelling with a Toddler Series: What’s in Mori’s Luggage? 

There are a few who wanted to know what I prepared for my little girl’s first plane ride so here it is!


We stayed in Tokyo for 10 days. Because of this, I prepared ten sets of clothes for daily wear plus another 10 so that she can change when she gets her clothes dirty. Something that is to be expected when you have a toddler!

Afraid that your baby might get a bruise? Crawlings Knee Pads is lightweight and is comfortable for baby to use on a daily basis during playtime. Perfect for babies who are in the “learning to walk” phase. It can be bought online locally through Baobao Babies.

According to my Otosan (Father), February is the coldest month in Tokyo. Way colder than the ber months! He also told me that it is unusual to snow in Tokyo. Usually, snow is common only in the provinces of Japan. However, during our first day, we stepped out of the train with snow falling from the sky! My heart was filled with joy. No matter where we are, our God is always with us. I know that the snow was a gift from Him. It was our first time to experience it. For our remaining days, snow didn’t fell. Sinalubong lang talaga kami. 🙂

Inner shirt, knitted sweater and pants are from Natura Pura’s Organic Line. You can get them from Danish Wool in USA.

The organic boiled wool shoes is from Little Spruce Organics, also from USA but the cute knee high socks you can buy locally from Baobao Babies. The socks are made in Korea. Yay! I try to stay away from products that are made in China.

Other than that, you’ll find two pairs of shoes in her luggage and a slip on footwear that she change into when she’s chilling in her GB Pockit Stroller. With the stroller’s weight being airline approved, there was absolutely no need to have it checked in! Our flight was delayed for about 7 hours. This gave me a chance to meet new mommy friends from England and America. They too fell in love with our stroller! At first, I was worried that Mori’s ride would be unstable because it is so compact but my goodness! I never left our place without it. Wether it is a smooth surface or a rough one (tons of small rocks from the park) our GB Pockit Stroller delivered!

I also brought 2 swaddle blankets that can be turned into so many things. 1 hooded bath towel, 5 pairs of socks, 10 towelettes/burp pads, a bib that she will be using for the first time (I like making Mori wear a worn out shirt instead of a bib when eating because it gets in the way with baby led weaning at times, but this trip is an exception.) We will use a bib to save space! Then finally, 13 pieces of underwear.

P.S. I made a resources list for you at the bottom of this page so that you’d know where to buy the products that I’ve shared in this entry.


I have never been so relieved as much as I am now with the fact that Mori is already Potty Trained at 9 months old! She is now 1 year and 7 months. I just can’t imagine myself changing diapers in between strolling in the park, eating out and please no… In the plane! Mahilohin pa naman ang lola niyo.

Speaking of Potty Training, I have an Elimination Communication (For babies 0-18 months) and a Potty Training Class (18 months and up) next month. Here are all the details that you need in case you are interested to join:

Back to the things that we brought with us…

First Aid Kit: Allium Cepa for colds, Belladonna for fever and Chamomilia for teething pain. I also brought with us a propolis throat spray from Echo Store’s BGC Branch for cough (not for babies one and below), Weleda copper ointment for muscle pain/blood circulation, Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel and Mother Love Green Salve for rashes, burns, itchiness, mosquito bite and other skin related problems. You can get Mother Love from The Parenting Emporium. I am a fan of this particular brand. Their nipple cream and breastfeeding supplements are the best!

I didn’t get to bring these two items because it arrived late in the mail but I am sharing it anyway! The Echinacea is a homeopathic remedy. It is an immune system booster while the jar on the right is my new toothpaste of choice for Mori! You’ll receive it in powder form. What I do is mix it with an Organic, Raw and Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil to create a paste. Both are available at Happy Sleepy Herbals & The Thoughtful Pantry.


The Pottete Plus! An absolute favorite of fellow ECiers, is a 2 in 1 Pottying System. It can be a toilet seat reducer or a self standing potty. It is compact! I simply fold it and toss it underneath the stroller so I can easily pull it out when Mori has to  use the loo. Available at Mother Care.

The pack of disposable potty liners and portable bidet are for easy clean up.


Now unto Mori’s sling bag!

Looks a lot right? Well, the drawing pad and sticker book can be found on my carry on bag, while the rake and shovel will go to the luggage. The rest will go to the tiny pastel pink bag you saw earlier.  I placed everything in one photo because these are the things that will keep Mori busy when needed. I will make an elaborate entry  about this soon.

Next, I will now show you the stuff that you will find in my bag!

Meet my ever so reliable friend, Kate Spade. (No bulky diaper bag for this ECing mom right here!)

A change of clothes for my bambina, tissue, wet wipes, the activity book I was referring to earlier, my Tamagotchi, facial mist, facial wash and tinted sunscreen from Asiaesthetics, wallet, iPad and Nintendo DS.

And finally, the most important of all! Well, for Mori anyway. Her SNACKS! New moms, brace yourself for the tantrum of the century. You don’t want to deal with a hungry toddler. Believe me!

I prepared purple corn, nilagang saba, carrot sticks and boiled egg. To keep Mori hydrated, instead of the usual water, I made her homemade tea from scratch! It is very easy to make. I will share the recipe tomorrow!

I usually use mason jars but since we will be out and about most of the time, bringing those jars wherever we go would be too heavy for me. No compromises for our drinking bottle though! Life Factory Glass Straw Bottle with silicone cover is available through Baobao Babies. The bottle itself is made in France while the rest of the parts are made in USA. If you aren’t convinced about switching to a glass bottle, know that my mom has been using the same Life Factory Bottle but with a different color for more than a year now while my brother brings the same brand with him to school.


I almost forgot! I brought these as well. Potty protectors that even Alwyn and I used, Mosquito Repellant that I just left in the car in Manila because my friend who resides in Japan said that they don’t have mosquitos there, even in the park and  thermometer to add in our first aid kit.

Also, I’ve been getting messages about where I bought my luggage, a request on sharing where I bought this or that so here it is! I collected the information that some of you needed. I hope you’ll find these links helpful. Thank you for dropping by!



1. Baby Mall PH  – GB Pockit Stroller: Facebook.

2. The Parenting Emporium – Motherlove Green Salve.

3. Baobao Babies – Life Factory, Crawlings, Mini Dressing (Knee High Socks) and Potty Protector: Instagram Contact Numbers: 0917-634-8889 or 032-5052590

4. Mother Care – Pottete Plus, Disposable Liner: Facebook

5. Rustan’s – Organic Bath Towel and Superga Shoes: InstagramFacebookTwitter.

6. Asiaesthetics The Macell Clinic – Facial Wash and Tinted Sunscreen: Facebook.

7. Happy Sleepy Herbals – Toothpaste and Echinacea: Facebook.

8. Echo Store – Throat spray.


1. Danish Wool – Knitted Sweater, Long Johns, Shirt.

Brand: Natura Pura.

2. Little Spruce Organics – Underwear, Boiled Wool Boots Swaddle and Burp Pad.

Brands: Aden and Anais (Organic Line), Under The Nile and Disana.

3. Liz Lisa (Japan) – Luggage. 

Nursing with MOME

Other than MOME‘s new collection, I have something else to share!


I stopped using a nursing cover when Mori was 10 months old. That was around May of this year, 2016, when I got lots of nursing dresses from Mome. It allowed me to wear MOME all day, everyday, seven times a week! It was then that I realized that with a bunch of MOME nursing wear in my cabinet, Mori’s head is the only cover that I would ever need. It made the both of us more comfortable this way since there never came a time wherein I was a fan of nursing covers anyway. Maybe a big factor to why is because I didn’t like using one in the first place because of our tropical climate. It’s always summer in the Philippines!

By the way, I am wearing a Dolly Nursing Dress by MOME in the photo above, while Mori is wearing an organic dress that was given to her by her Lola Lisa last Christmas.


Look at how long my hair used to be before I had it chopped off at a salon! This photo is from a blog entry that I wrote about MOME before. If you haven’t read that yet, you may do so by clicking this link, Breastfeeding in Public? Bring it on!.

Now, if you are done reading my previous post about MOME, allow me to give you a sneak peak of their new collection!


It is difficult to shoot with a toddler that is why I am so happy that Tatay got to capture this photo of me with our precious little girl!


A closer look at MOME’s nursing shirt with print.

Friendly Tip: Do not iron directly on the print or it will smear! Turn the shirt inside out and use an iron on the wrong side instead.


MOME Robby Nursing Shirt in Egg Plant.


I personally like that the sleeves are long enough to hide my flabby arms. I should start exercising!


Robby Nursing Top is a 2 in 1 shirt. You can unravel the knot to make it longer. I wear it this way when I am wearing leggings.


Jessie Nursing Top in Brown by MOME


This is how the top looks like from the side.


And this is Mori trying to open the zipper so she can have milk!


My one and only successful photo of Mori while feeding because she wants to run around and play in the mud.


This Alice Dress in Tangerine is beautiful but I find it too short for my height. I am 5’7, so if you are tall like me, order it one size larger. This is a MOME bestseller!


Hannah Nursing Top in Berry by MOME


My awkward attempt at making myself look different and a tad bit pretty for our last layout.




Tadaaa! Nothing changed. HAHA!


Just like how a friend of mine often says, “Pak, awra!

Putting MOME’s Darling Maxi Nursing Dress a rest because this is now my current fave! Oh how I wish I have this in all colors. It is called Justine in Royal Blue. I get a lot of compliments from people when I am in this dress. ❤

P.S. Just like with any outfit, if you want to use it all-the-time, prolong its life by handwashing your nursingwear instead of just tossing it in the washing machine.

Nursing Bra

MOME also released a line of nursing bra. I picked two kinds. The Bethany, P600 and The Bella Nursing Bra, P700. Both are good but if you are on a budget and would only buy one, I’d choose Bella over Bethany. Get it in beige!

It is difficult for me to go to bed with a bra on but it happend so many times when I am wearing Bella Nursing Bra because it sooo comfortable! A must buy if you ask me.


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Ready to order? Here are the links that you need. Happy Shopping!



Price List

Dolly Dress in Orange ~ P650

Hannah Nursing Top in Berry ~ P300

Robby Nursing Top in Egg Plant   ~ P400

Justine Dress in Royal Blue ! P650

Jessie Nursing Top in Brown ~ P450

Green Nursing Top with Print ~ n/a

Alice Nursing Dress in Tangerine ~ P450

Back of The House: Cooking Made EASY and FUN!


Unlike my mom who is superb in the kitchen, I on the other hand is the complete opposite. This is the reason why I am always on the lookout for budget friendly cooking classes that can be easily adapted in our home.

Before showing you photos from the class that I took, can I just share that I get distracted all the time because I have a classmate who is so good looking. As in gwapo talaga!


Aanhin mo ang pagkain kung ngiti pa lang busog ka na. #CHOS


We took the Cook-Wine-Dine class which taught us how to make warm apple cinnamon, romesco with crostini bread and my absolute favorite, gnocchi pasta from scratch!


I wasn’t expecting to like the romesco since I am not a fan of tomatoes but the one that we made is surprisingly good!


Now here is Master Chef Alwyn, he will share to us the secret in making crostini breads even yummier. First step is to apply olive oil liberally on both sides of the bread.


Once the pan is already hot, gently place the bread. Make sure that it is not overly crowded!


Tadaaa! Burnt crostini! HAHA! #Strike1


Now it is my turn to show you my cooking skills.


Fluffy, even in size and perfectly shaped gnocchi… Beautiful isn’t it? Hindi ko gawa yan.


This is the one that I made! Flat and unevenly shaped. #Strike2


This is me admiring the work of others. CHAR. That is me cheating. Hahaha! #Strike3


In the end, our dish didn’t just look appetizing, it turned out tasting really good too! My husband has been requesting that I cook this for him in our home many times already.


You’ve probably realized by now that your cooking skills won’t get enhanced with the guidance of me and my husband so I might as well lead you to the professionals! You may refer to the photo above for their available classes this month, exact venue and contact information.


  1. As I have mentioned earlier, I attend various cooking classes as much as I can and among all those that I have been to, only Back Of The House didn’t have a printed copy of the recipe given to the attendees. When I brought this to their attention, an email was sent to me with a copy of the recipe for all the three dishes that we made. So just in case you are like me who likes sticking to the recipe because meals don’t turn out good when we rely on tantsa, just let them know and  I’m sure they’ll send it to you via email as well.


  1. Back Of The House can easily be tracked through Waze.
  2. The chef managed to simplify each instruction which made it very easy to understand. He was light-hearted and made the whole cooking experience fun and enjoyable. He also mentioned “na wala sa itsura yan, nasa lasa”. This line helped me and my husband laugh off our mistakes.
  3. Unlike other kitchens that I’ve been to for a workshop, Back Of The House is well ventilated. I didn’t sweat at all! Take note that there were about 6 stations working simultaneously inside the kitchen. This is a big plus for me!
  4.  A great way to celebrate your next baby shower! If I get pregnant again, I think I’d like my baby shower to be held at Back Of The House. Instead of the usual baby shower games where guests would be blindfolded, fed spoon full of baby food and asked to guess what the ingredients are, I would rather have someone teach us to cook a healthy meal with the rest of my mommy friends. Since the holiday season is coming up, it might be a great idea to use the place as a gathering for groups. For more details about this, just send them an email and address your inquiries to Booboo.


And lastly, my 1 year old Mori-chan LOVED what her Tatay and Nanay made! An ingredient-concious mom like me reaps many benefits from attending workshops like this. We want our children to eat food that are made from scratch so that we have control over the ingredients that goes into it. Correct?

Thank you so much for having my family Back Of The House! Looking forward to participate in your future workshops.



Rejuvehair: Hair Center for The Natural Mom

Is it just me or are effective natural hair treatments just so difficult to find? No. I think that came out the wrong way. It should be… “How come natural hair treatments cannot compete with chemical laden treatments that are widely available in most salons?”

I’ll be quick to share that when Mori was still in my tummy, I went to my go to salon in Tomas Morato to have my hair blow dried for a an event. While my hair was being washed, my eyes was tearing up. Probably from the ammonia in the product that they use to color the hair of a different client? I am not sure. The overall scent of the salon made me dizzy. I asked that they transfer me to the second floor (where there were no clients) and while they happily obliged, it was in that moment that I decided to no longer come back for a  hair treatment and just settle with at home care tubs that are available in grocery stores. I thought… even if the product that they use isn’t applied to me directly because the mere action of breathing made me dizzy and my eyes turned red and started tearing up, the same scenario might be happening to my unborn child. Better sure than sorry right?

Just so you’ll have an idea on my hair type…

My hair is in its virgin state. Meaning, it is not treated with hair colorants and since I stopped accepting teleseryes because I don’t want to be away from my daughter for long periods of time, this means not having the need to use a flat iron to keep my hair in place! Surprisingly, despite my attempts to bring back my hair’s natural luster. It is still very dry. When Kyra, the Manager of Rejuvehair checked my hair. I even had dandruff (which I didn’t know I had) and hair fall. But honestly, what bothers me the most is the mark on my hair from always tying it up in a ponytail. It won’t go away! One time, I fought the urge to tie my hair for 5 days to check if it will straighten up but the mark from tying it up is still there.


My experience with Rejuvehair’s Signature Hair Treatment started with the therapist washing my hair with shampoo.


Once my hair was thoroughly cleaned, he massaged nourishing oil on my scalp.


This is how the concoction looks up-close. I was warned during my first visit, (this is my second session) that it has a foul smell but I am honestly not bothered by it at all. During my second visit, I actually liked the aroma that it emits. Think herbs and earthy undertone.


The Signature Hair Treatment of Rejuvehair is cold when applied to the scalp. According to my therapist, they keep the concoction in the fridge so that it will not spoil.


Reporting LIVE! An alien was found at 2F Sekai Center 368 Ortigas Ave. cor. Madison St. North Greenhills, San Juan City. (Yep! That’s the address of Rejuvehair.)


When every strand of my hair was coated with the herbal treatment, my therapist prepared the steamer. While waiting, I carried on with reading the magazine that they have provided while breastfeeding Mori.


Yes. I am breastfeeding in this photo and it feels so good to pamper myself and still have my baby around.  I don’t have to worry if the client next to me is having her hair colored, permanently straightened etc. because that means the room will smell bad from all the chemicals and eventually, Mori would inhale it and I’ll end up leaving the place sooner than I hoped. No guilt feeling right here!


They don’t use products with chemicals at Rejuvehair. Only a mixture of natural, herbal and organic ingredients. Heaven heard us fellow tribal mom!


Took a photo of my husband while he was softly humming so that Mori won’t wake up from her nap while I have my hair rinsed.

In order to see results, I highly suggest that you buy their special blend of shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and at home hair care treatment.


I was given a small bottle of their products during my first visit.

At first, I felt that it didn’t made any difference but when I left the bottles by accident  at the wet floor area of the hotel where my family and I stayed for a day, that’s when I realized that they actually work. When I went back for the products, someone already took it. 😦

I bought the biggest bottle on my second visit because I’d save more that way.

Here are their prices:

Shampoo – 100ml, P495. 250ml, 1,095.

Conditioner – 100ml, P395. 250ml, P895

Nourish Oil Blend – 30ml, P1,295.

Hair and Scalp Treatment – 120ml, P1,520


In case you’d like to have your hair treated, here is Rejuvehair’s Operating Hours:

Monday to Thursday – 10am to 8pm

Friday & Saturday – 10am to 9pm

Sunday – 11am to 7pm

Last call is 2 hours before closing.

You can also visit their website: Rejuvehair Herbal Solutions

You’re welcome! 😉