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Athena Mori’s 1st Birthday Celebration


I was smiling from ear to ear while browsing the photos that our friends from Image Savvy took. Indeed, these are captured memories that we will forever treasure. I will try my best to share to you the preparations that we have gone through and how the celebration started and ended. Shall we?


As a kid, when I knew that my Mama don’t have work but she is not in her bedroom… There is always a gush of excitement because there is a big chance that she is cooking in the kitchen. My Mama cooks really delicious food. It’s just perfect to have the celebration at her restaurant! Mori’s Godparents said they would come back for the ‘kare-kare’ and cordon bleu. They loved Mama’s specialties just like I do.


My husband, Alwyn and I have been together for 6 years now but I only gave him a party once and it never happened again up to this very day. Planning a party is not my forte but God proved that He already knew that even before I figured it out. I believe this is the reason why He gave me friends who are blessed with artistic skills, are generous with their time and always willing to give a hand! A week before the celebration, I asked the Ninongs and Ninangs to come over at Mama’s house to make crafts by hand.

For the banderitas, we used fallen tree branches and colored paper. The blue heirloom table on the left had few photographs of Mori when she was born. Resting on the edges are candles, flowers and an organic birthday cake that I especially made the night before for my bambina.


My Mama surprised us by placing mason jars on the each of the table to act as a center piece. Inside are sand, twigs and leaves. The ribbon that is dangling on the bottom of the lid is twine.


Each of Mori’s friends were given a small pouch that was a generously given to us by Arteegram Manila.


The pouch contains two pots and a few bag of seeds for the children to plant when they get home.


Mori’s 2 years old cousin Hailie Bunny planted the seeds with the guidance of her mom the following day.


After a few days, his mom, Rylie sent me this photo and made us extremely happy!


This on the other hand is taken from a different garden. Look at how the tree spirit sits comfortably in his tiny little home! How it makes my heart melt. Brave little Zion must have watered it daily.

Each of the clay pots were lovingly made by hand by Anna Criselda.


Aside from Mama’s specialty ulams like ‘bopis’, ‘kare-kare’, cordon bleu, carbonara and ‘bangus’… We also served fresh fruits and vegetables.


For dessert, cupcakes were given as gifts to Mori by Crave and Bake.


“Are they telling me to smash the cake?”


And just when everyone thought Mori would get her hands on the cream cheese frosting… She playfully picked the wooden tree instead!


“Nom nom nom! Tasty!”


“Why are they still looking at me?”


“But… But… But I don’t want to smash the cake. :(“




This my friends, is how Mori looks when she needs rescuing.

Mama and I held her close to us to calm her down. I was hoping she would do a cake smash  and have it caught on video but she wasn’t comfortable so we didn’t push her. After all, this is her day. We want it to go smoothly and be an enjoyable experience for her.


On that same day, we also dedicated the life of my bambina to the Lord.


Alwyn and I were very careful in picking who to entrust to be our child’s Ninong and Ninang. It is not about the material thing that they could give Mori from that day on forward… We picked these men and women of God because we wanted Godparents who would give a sound advice that is based on scripture when the time comes that Mori asks them for help.


They are our brothers and sisters who would stand with us in praying that through Jesus Christ, Mori would be able to live up to her name. In Hebrew, the name Mori means “God is my Teacher”.


Mama’s restaurant was filled with immediate family members and Mori’s godparents.


My Daddy Koji whom I dearly love even flew from Japan so that he could be with Mori on her special day.


A beautiful photo of Mori and her Ninong Christian who just migrated in the United States a couple of days ago. We are saddened that he is now far from us but nevertheless, distance wouldn’t make our relationship with him falter.


‘Lolo’ Jigo having a moment with his ‘apo’ before the puppet show starts.


‘Tita’ Malou started the puppet show with a lighting of the candle.


As the story was being told… Mori and the rest of the children sat comfortably on a ‘banig’ with soft and cushy pillows that were given to Mori by Arteegram Manila.


This is the part where baby Mori puppet met her ‘Nanay’ Jennica and her ‘Tatay’ Alwyn in her dream.


Overall, my husband and I chose to have a puppet show as a form of entertainment for the children instead of the usual magicians, parlor games, clowns and the likes. Because when a puppet show is conducted by a professional who captures a child’s interest through her  calm demeanor and talent… It creates a serene atmosphere which helps the children relax. Moms who have toddlers know how hard it is when their child gets over-stimulated. They turn grumpy and the only solution would be to put them to sleep.


It was a success! Mori loved the puppet show! I can tell because there is a sparkle in her eyes that will stay in my husband and I’s memory forever.

The story that I picked is about God and Mori being together in heaven before she was born. When it was time for Mori to spend her human years in our loving arms, God whispered that He will always, always be with Mori all the days of her life. This is the truth that I want Mori to hold on to. She is saved and loved and no matter what happens… The Holy Spirit will always lead her to the light.


Athena Mori Uytincgo, 1 year old and a Princess in the eyes of her Heavenly Father.

Happy Birthday Anak!

For your reference, here are our list of suppliers:

Food and Venue – Jean’s Manila at Don Alejandro Roces Ave. Corner Mother Ignacia Ave.     Quezon City.

Cotton Pouch – Arteegram Manila

Pillows – Arteegram Manila

Clay Pots – Anna Criselda

Cupcakes – Crave and Bake

Photographer – Facebook . Image Savvy . Telephone Number: 729 48 94

Puppet Show – Malou Medrano. Email me at coachjennica@yahoo.com for bookings.




15 thoughts on “Athena Mori’s 1st Birthday Celebration

  1. Happy first Birthday Baby Mori…Hi Ms.Jen thank you for sharing Mori’s special day to us.I love the concept specially the puppet show..


  2. Love the puppet show idea but what I love the most is the story behind it. Wow, God would have been smiling!

    This post is a great reminder for us to do things intentionally. Simple pero rock, simple but glorifying God. Congratulations Jen & Alwyn! Happy and blessed Birthday, Mori! May your family continue to be an inspiration to many through God’s grace!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy 1st bday Mori! I really like your birthday theme, specially the puppet show and the clay pot & seedlings give aways. God job ms jenica! Aside from I really like reading your blog as well as your IG post. I’m really learning a lot. ❤


  4. Happy 1st birthday Mori love ❤️
    Thanks for sharing this special event of your life to us. I’m planning to have my baby’s dedication in his birthday too. Ngayon palang nervous na ako kasi hindi ako magaling mag plan. Nakaka inspire na successful ang celebration ni Mori. Congrats to you and Alwyn 😊 God bless


  5. Soo cute of baby mori,, and also mommy jennica i adore you for being a hands on mom to your daugther god bless and i wish baby mori to grow a kind and god fearing person..


  6. How i wish my son’s 1st bday party last December was as memorable as Mori’s. I wasn’t able to hold a simple but memorable 1st bday party for my son because we are currently staying with my IL. We did it the way they want it to be and it turned out to be stressful for me.


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