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Kalinga Ni Nanay Classes


Here is a breakdown of our Natural Infant Hygiene and Potty Training Class for the year 2017.

All dates fall on a weekend.

August 27 – 1:30PM-4:30PM
September 24 – 1:30PM-4:30PM
October 28 – 1:00PM-4:00PM
November 25 – 1:30PM-4:30PM
December 3 – 1:30PM-4:30PM

Venue: The Parenting Emporium at New Manila, Quezon City. Location can easily be accessed through Waze.

Attending our class will give you full access to our Private Kalinga Ni Nanay Group on Facebook. Also inclusive of an extensive 20 pages manual, a light snack and a drink.

Fee: P1,000 per person or P1,500 for couple from the same household. Meaning, you and your husband/lola/helper.

To register, send your full name, mobile number and kindly indicate if you are registering for one slot or our couple rate to kalinganinanay@gmail.com.

What attendees have to say about the class:

I have attended two sessions already even if I already know the topic. If I can attend the third time around I would because I learned a lot, it was fun and not boring at all! It is such a bonus that they serve great tasting snacks too.

– Phoebe Castillo, Music Teacher, practiced Natural Infant Hygiene when her son was just a newborn and from Doha, Qatar.

I attended her class and I can attest to how she is so devoted on being a mother. I was amazed that she is also a wet nurse (breastfeeds other babies). Amongst her many advocacies aside from NIH are breastfeeding, babywearing and healing in storytelling. All natural for Mommy Jennica!

– Alpheca Alfonso Madrid, CPA Lawyer. Mom of a 2 year old boy.

I am on this journey for two weeks now with my 3 months old daughter and the laundry load of soiled reusable cloth diapers went down by 3/4th! I am truly impressed with the natural infant hygiene intelligence. Thank you Jennica for the valuable insights!

– Irina Otmakhova, Childbirth Doula and a mother of two and practiced NIH with her 3 months old daughter.

My son is not afraid anymore and on the 5th day of Potty Training, it was a total success! Now he clearly knows that poop and pee goes in the potty. Can’t thank you enough Jennica! Our little scaredy cat to a big brave boy. Grabe! Not even a week of application. This is sooo effective!

– Ann Garcia, Owner of Sexy Detox and a Mother of a 3 year old boy.



One thought on “Kalinga Ni Nanay Classes

  1. Hi po miss jenny!gustong gusto ko sana mg attend ng class mo kaso from mindanao po ako.hirap po mkapunta s manila, magastos din po.merin kbang books about ur class.im really interested s class mo.


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